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4 Ways a Brother Labelling Machine can help your business

Mar 19, 2020 1:00:00 PM / by Banner

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Organisation is they key to ensuring things run smoothly, especially in fast paced office environments.

Labelling is a great organisational tool, from helping identify files and folders, creating visitor badges, tracking assets and making light work of large mailouts. Replacing handwritten labels with printed ones adds a certain level professionalism as well as making things easier for everybody. A truly effective labelling solution can improve efficiency, productivity and security letting you get back to focussing on getting the job done.

With over 30 years’ experience, Brother take the lead when it comes to labelling solutions. Here are four ways a labelling solution from Brother can help your business.

1. Keeping things organised

Labelling tapes are laminated, meaning they are ready to withstand whatever office life throws their way. From shelf and storage labels to assets tags and address labels a variety of labels and signage needed in the office can be printed, helping you spend less time searching for documents. Unique to Brother label printers, the ability to print in red and black also allows important documents and signs can be highlighted around the office.

2. Security

As security is something that is very important to business, a labelling solution can help ensure that security is well monitored. A labelling solution enables you to monitor and track visitors efficiently, the added bonus of a Brother labelling machine is the software development kits that give them the ability to integrate with existing visitor management systems. With a Brother labelling solution, you can also create unique barcodes in a range of protocols to track important items around the office.

3. Improving efficiency 

The range of Brother label printers have both Mac and PC connectivity opening up a whole host of features. The free P-Touch editor software that comes with a Brother label printer allows you to create bespoke designs using your own images and fonts. Data can also be imported straight from Microsoft Office programmes saving time on manual input. This is ideal when it comes to printing large quantities of address labels as it helps to reduce errors. it also makes assets management and tracking much easier too as large quantities of barcodes can be batch printed in one go. Printing labels on a Brother labelling machine also reduces waste against using printable adhesive labels. It avoids the risk of someone accidentally printing on your label sheets. Plus, there's less wastage, as you're not leaving empty labels on half-used sheets either.

4. Aiding collaboration

Selected models have a built-in memory which lets you store templates meaning multiple users can use the same design across the office, so everything is consistent. Wired & wireless connectivity makes it easier for everyone to print and individual machines can be shared across groups of users. The labelling machines from Brother also have a range of portability options that allow high-quality labels to be created wherever they need to be. Security concerns are also covered as you can restrict access to certain users to make sure printing is controlled.

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