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Keep It Confidential

Nov 10, 2022 11:17:37 AM / by Banner posted in Product, Working Smarter, GDPR


It's a legal requirement for anyone operating a business which handles personal data to fully comply with the rule of the GDPR, and this extends to ensuring all employees are aware of the obligations to securely destroy personal documents to avoid data breach.

As more employees work remotely, businesses must still remain compliant with the GDPR. Employees accessing sensitive data at home may be at risk of breaking rules, especially where paper data is involved, and we wanted to highlight this this National Fraud Awareness Week.

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Personal video. Reinvented.

Nov 7, 2022 9:48:16 AM / by Jabra posted in Product, Partnerships, Technology


Engineered for intelligent AI-enabled personal video conferencing next-generation video collaboration. It's video conferencing, but not as you know it.

As your customers navigate the realities of working flexibly while trying to stay connected and productive, video conferencing is more important than ever. They (and their colleagues) deserve better than standard video. It’s time to experience the next generation of intelligent, secure, portable video collaboration.

Enter Jabra PanaCast 20.

This premium personal video conferencing device utilizes the most cutting-edge technology to deliver an experience that’s unlike any other on the market. Intelligent, powerful, and completely unique; PanaCast 20 is not a webcam. It’s personal video conferencing, completely reinvented.

Are your customers ready for the future of remote collaboration?

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EXPAND your meeting possibilities with EPOS

Sep 6, 2022 7:15:00 AM / by Banner posted in Product, Working Smarter, Technology


As virtual communication becomes increasingly important for businesses around the world, the quality and reliability of conferencing devices is more essential than ever.

EPOS have created the EXPAND line of premium audio and video solutions to specifically address the needs of decentralised teams, often working across locations and time zones.

For the 69%* of office workers who use a headset, speakerphone, personal webcam or video bar for conference calls, seamless collaboration is vital. EPOS know that 59%* of workers use an audio solution every single day, so they created this line to be the best quality and reliability out there. Because 37%* of everyday collaborators spend more than half their time away from their desk, the EXPAND Line is designed and crafted for flexibility, ease-of-use, and perfect connectivity with all devices.

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Easy, fast, scanning for maximum productivity and seamless organisation

Aug 31, 2022 3:12:29 PM / by Banner posted in Product, Working Smarter, Technology


Epson has developed a comprehensive range of reliable scanners with technologies that significantly cut the steps required to capture, store, and share documents.

From cost-effective entry level A4 devices, right through to A3 high-volume options with scanning capability of up to 90 pages per minute, Epson Document Scanners cover most everyday scanning requirements, allowing customers to gain more productivity and efficiency in their digitisation processes.

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How to create and maintain a healthy workplace

Aug 11, 2022 4:56:13 PM / by Marielle Jackson posted in Product, Working Smarter, Employee Wellbeing, Health, Working from Home, Return to the Workplace


Health has different interpretations for us all. For some, what springs to mind first is physical health, perhaps the more traditional sense of the word. But more recently, advocation for mental health and well-being has been a key focus for many businesses, and a topic spoken about widely in the media and beyond.

As an employer, it's important to create and maintain a workplace that encourages positive physical and mental health habits. A work environment that promotes health is essential within business, and will likely result in happier employees, lower absence rates, and better all-round well-being.
To help with both of these, we’ve put together five easy tips to help you make positive, and effective, changes.

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New Brand Alert - Welcome Circular Computing!

Aug 9, 2022 1:31:47 PM / by Banner posted in Product, Working Smarter, Working from Home, Return to the Workplace


We are pleased to announce we are working with Circular ComputingTM

A new technology brand that believes I.T. shouldn’t cost the earth by focusing on creating a more ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible way to buy enterprise grade I.T. They produce leading brand remanufactured laptops. Their BSI Kitemark™ certified process remanufactures laptops to ‘equal or better than new’ with up to 40% cost savings compared to the latest models and an RMA of less than 3%.

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A single day working from home per week could save workers up to £300 a year

Aug 4, 2022 10:45:31 AM / by Banner posted in Product, Working Smarter, Working from Home, Return to the Workplace


A single day of home working each week could save the average person £5.73 per day, between £22.92 and £28.65 each month, or a whopping £297.96 per year, when factoring in average commuting costs, a morning coffee, and lunch. But many organisations still haven’t had the chance to fully optimise a hybrid working model.

The data, which is listed below, shows the potential for hybrid working to take some of the sting out of the cost-of-living crisis. As businesses in every sector struggle to fill positions, hybrid working has become a HR must-have.

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Creating home-working-style comfort in the office

Aug 4, 2022 9:16:56 AM / by Banner posted in Product, Employee Wellbeing, furniture


When we had to work from home, it was the social aspect of the office that we missed most. Now that many of us are back in the office, at least part time, what are we missing? 


Some of us welcomed homeworking with open arms, others missed the office, but both sides will probably agree; the office doesn’t provide the same comfort as your own home.


Homeworking can be lonely, and not everyone has the environment at home to work comfortably; but over the pandemic our eyes were opened to the benefits of longer lie-ins, no commute, working in comfy clothes in our own personal environment, and making tea in our own kitchen with our own milk.

Obviously, it’s not possible to realise all these benefits at the office, unless you want an extremely casual culture, but one thing that can be replicated quite easily is the feeling of relaxed safety and comfort. And there’s good reason to implement these smarter working practices, too.  

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Solving Meeting Fatigue with High Quality Video

Aug 1, 2022 9:30:00 AM / by Banner posted in Product, Working Smarter, Working from Home, Return to the Workplace


Video fatigue is occurring more and more frequently in remote working. 

In March 2020, when we were sent to work from home, large amounts of employees experienced increased video fatigue. Many realised that collaborating on video was not the same as it was in the office.  

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Harrods achieves total paper towel sustainability at no extra cost

Jul 28, 2022 6:00:00 AM / by Banner posted in Product, Return to the Workplace, Green Choice, Sustainable products, Green Products


Harrods, the world-famous luxury department store, has solved one of its biggest headaches by diverting tonnes of its used paper hand towels from general waste.

Having already reduced Harrods' waste by replacing its paper hand towel product with a more absorbent alternative, Banner identified Kimberly-Clark Professional’s RightCycle service as a circular solution for paper towel sustainability.

The service seamlessly recycles all existing hand towel waste. The used paper towels are regularly collected, compressed and processed into new paper products. Critically, Banner was able to set up this service at no additional cost to Harrods while retaining the premium nature of what they offer.

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