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Banner's Meeting Room Makeover with 3M

Aug 13, 2019 11:00:00 AM / by Banner posted in Working Smarter, Collaboration



Collaboration leads to a more engaged and innovative workforce, however it's still not a priority within a lot of companies today.  

Getting everyone involved with decision making can help projects to run more efficiently and creates a workforce full of team players. Working collaboratively creates a buzz within the office and a culture of staff who enjoy coming to work, leading to a more productive team. Collaboration is a process which involves everyone sharing their individual knowledge, utilising their own skills and experience as well as those of the rest of the team leading to a better project outcome.

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How to get on top of your workload

Aug 1, 2019 11:48:05 AM / by Banner posted in Working Smarter



Most of us may want to work smartly but this isn't always easy.

From emails pinging on our smartphones late at night, to being asked to attend a meeting two hours' drive away, events can often conspire to overwhelm us.

In an age when we're all easily contactable it can feel impossible to break away, finding hacks to a more productive working day is all the more important.

Here are five tips to make every day a better one:

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Four assets for transforming your workspace

Jul 31, 2019 2:07:12 PM / by Banner posted in Working Smarter


For charging imaginations, improving creativity and feeling more prepared for the working day, getting your workspace in order is a must.

An organised workplace is an easier one to spend time in. It can help everyone feel more comfortable, find what they need and focus on their work.

However, the right equipment is the vital first step. Without it, we're likely to face mess every morning, struggle to find things and our productivity will be affected.

Here are just four assets that can transform any workspace:

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Digital Dictation Technology - Saving you time and money

Jun 17, 2019 11:00:00 AM / by Banner posted in Product, Working Smarter, Maximising Budget



Across the country, businesses have been investigating in digital dictation to ensure office efficiency is at a maximum.

Philips Speechpro dictation machines have provided offices with the opportunity to work smarter together and implement workflows to increase overall output. This articles demonstrates how the investments made by business has had a huge impact in productivity.

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Why we need productive tech

Nov 21, 2018 3:49:41 PM / by Banner posted in Working Smarter


The impact of outdated tech on productivity shows why the right technology is so important.

Research has found that UK employees waste an average of 40 minutes every day working with less-than-ideal tech, at a cost of £2,100 each, or 21 employee days per year (Sharp, Oct 2016).

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Five things to consider when designing your office space

Nov 15, 2018 4:12:06 PM / by Banner posted in Working Smarter


Improve your work environment with 5 key tips.

A healthy, happy workforce is a vital component of a productive, successful business. As workers we spend most of our daylight hours and more than a third of our lives in the workplace, so it's inevitable the look and feel of our surroundings will impact on our productivity.

That is why it is important to optimise the offices we work in to get the best results to encourage collaboration and creativity, improve morale and well-being, and ultimately increase productivity.

Here we take a look at 5 of the key things you should consider when designing or updating your office space.

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Changing working practices to reduce the productivity gap

Nov 15, 2018 3:57:08 PM / by Banner posted in Working Smarter


View our guide on how to create a more productive work environment:

23% of the UK workers reported being unproductive at work in the Vodafones 'Unlocking Productivity: Working in the UK' report from November 2017.

Tackling the productivity challenge is a recurrent topic and covers areas such as stress management, process simplification, managerial techniques, and work environment. Designing a work space that enables every worker to perform at their best is a first step to provide a better employee experience and thus a higher productivity.

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Creating productive environments

Nov 15, 2018 2:49:48 PM / by Banner posted in Working Smarter


Productivity in the UK might be on the up, but we've still some way to go.

Workers were more productive at work in the first three months of 2018 compared with the same quarter a year before, according to the Office for National StatisticsEfficiency, in terms of output per hour, grew by 0.9% between January and March 2018.

However, this is noticeably below the long-term trend before 2008 when productivity growth averaged nearly 2% per annum. Many in business and government are still trying to solve the productivity puzzle.

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