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EXPAND your meeting possibilities with EPOS

Sep 6, 2022 7:15:00 AM / by Banner

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As virtual communication becomes increasingly important for businesses around the world, the quality and reliability of conferencing devices is more essential than ever.

EPOS have created the EXPAND line of premium audio and video solutions to specifically address the needs of decentralised teams, often working across locations and time zones.

For the 69%* of office workers who use a headset, speakerphone, personal webcam or video bar for conference calls, seamless collaboration is vital. EPOS know that 59%* of workers use an audio solution every single day, so they created this line to be the best quality and reliability out there. Because 37%* of everyday collaborators spend more than half their time away from their desk, the EXPAND Line is designed and crafted for flexibility, ease-of-use, and perfect connectivity with all devices.

Whether collaborating in small, medium, or large meeting rooms, huddle spaces or for portable use on-the-go, every model in the EXPAND Line is designed and crafted for clear conversation, ease-of-use, and perfect connectivity with all your devices.

Thanks to enhanced voice pickup and superior speaker sound, everyone on conference calls can participate and engage with the same confidence and clarity as if being there in person. Furthermore, with EPOS video conferencing solutions, you can now upgrade your business with video technology for today’s smart office. By enhancing audio-visual communication between your colleagues – and customers – the EXPAND Line gives you the tools you need for seamless collaboration.

Superior audio for the Hybrid Workplace

Connecting colleagues is a major challenge of today’s hybrid workplace. With the EXPAND Line, EPOS have raised the bar when it comes to teamwork. All the speakerphones from EPOS help you seamlessly and instantly set up conference calls with superior audio, are easy to connect, intuitive to manage, and configure themselves automatically with all your devices. EPOS craftsmanship is known around the world for quality, reliability, and superior materials – built into sleek and compact designs that perfect the essentials, without any unnecessary parts or buttons. Designed for personal and shared use, at the office or on the go, the EXPAND Line gives you the freedom to turn any space into a hassle-free virtual meeting room, anywhere in the world. Intuitive and exceptionally easy to use, every solution is designed and crafted to perfection with best-in-class voice pickup, guaranteeing outstanding sound for you, your team, and your customers.

Video for Today's Smart Office

In today’s working world video conferencing is becoming increasingly essential. High quality video conferencing solutions enrich the virtual meeting space replacing the need for expensive, unsustainable travel with an excellent alternative to face-to-face meetings. Seeing a clear image of your remote counterpart boosts the productivity of your meeting with all the nuances of expressions and body language. The EXPAND Line video conferencing solutions offer an unrivalled meeting experience with full HD video, exceptional voice pickup and noise cancellation – powered by EPOS AI™. These simple, all-in-one solutions work at the touch of a button, providing all you need in one device to make your meeting room a hub of productivity. With such reliability installed in your workplace you can feel as connected to your remote colleagues as if being in the meeting room together. EPOS call it – video collaboration reinvented.
EPOS understand that we hear with our ears, but we listen with our brain. So, to perform at our best, we need to help to brain adapt to artificial sound environments. Because ultimately, it all comes down to understanding how the brain makes sense of sound. A great audio experience only happens when technologies support the brains listening process, helping it perform as intended.

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*Insights report: ‘The way we work 2019’

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