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Why a Breath of Fresh Air Matters When Heading to School

Jan 19, 2022 2:12:36 PM / by Banner posted in Health


After many months of virtual learning, UK pupils have headed back to the classroom with their peers and teachers to engage in person. Most schools have adopted new safety protocols to protect students and staff after the return to school, but there is still a daily threat which could threaten the health of these groups.

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What Is Workspace Satisfaction?

Nov 10, 2021 12:19:39 PM / by Banner posted in Product, Employee Wellbeing, Health


What is workspace satisfaction?

When something just does exactly what it’s supposed to do, perfectly. When it looks right, sounds right, feels right and works right. When the aesthetics, acoustics and functionality are rewarding in themselves. When you can’t quite explain it, but you know it feels good. 

In today’s new hybrid normal, business machines and solutions for workplace wellness and organisation have become even more important than ever. You can easily ensure that you can create a workspace setting which allows employees and colleagues to thrive whilst working in comfort. Banner is proud to partner with Fellowes to create workspace satisfaction. 

Below, we take a look at the main areas in which different solutions can be useful to ensure optimum satisfaction. 

Business machines

Shredders, laminators & binders give reliable performance and results 

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Meet the Healthcare Team - Mark Airey

Oct 20, 2021 9:07:52 AM / by Banner posted in Health, meet the team


The second member of our Healthcare Team we would like to introduce you to is Mark Airey.

Mark has been a Key Account Manager within the Banner NHS Healthcare Team for the past 4 years; previously holding various roles within Banner for over the past 15 years, in both Private and Public Sector where he has managed an array of Key Accounts and Frameworks.

Mark’s current role within the Healthcare Team is managing NHS accounts in the South West, CCG’s and CSU’s, as well as taking responsibility for managing the NHS Furniture Framework.

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Clean the air we share with Fellowes AeraMax

Sep 14, 2021 2:00:00 PM / by Banner posted in Product, Collaboration, Health, Partnerships, Technology, Working from Home, Return to the Workplace


Global healthcare experts and virologists agree - airborne, aerosol transmission of viruses poses a significant threat.

A person can become infected through direct contact with a person or object carrying the virus or by air. 

Part of the answer is that, whilst we are programmed to clean surfaces and wash our hands, we tend to overlook something that’s more influential in causing illness: the air we breathe!  

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Meet the Healthcare Team - Lesley Greenhalgh

Sep 14, 2021 8:00:00 AM / by Banner posted in Health, meet the team


Over the next few months, we will be introducing you to members of our Banner Healthcare team so that you can get to know us better.

The first member of our Healthcare team that we would like you to meet is Lesley Greenhalgh. Lesley has been with Banner for 10 years and worked for and with the NHS for more than 25, including three years in NHS procurement. Having managed Trusts, CCGs and other healthcare customers in the North and Midlands, now Lesley helps manage the NHS Supply Chain Office Solutions category for Banner. This involves working with the Crown Commercial Service team to ensure, amongst many other priorities, that the best possible service is provided to all customers and a full range of products across all the category frameworks are available.

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NHS Supply Chain Lighting, Tools and Facilities Management Consumables Framework Award

Aug 12, 2021 11:43:00 AM / by Banner posted in Health


As the UK's largest distributor of workplace supplies across several NHS Supply Chain frameworks for more than 25 years, UK owned and based Banner is delighted to be awarded on the new NHS Supply Chain Lighting, Tools and Facilities Management Consumables framework through Direct, Blue Diamond and eDirect supply routes.

This new framework offers customers, especially those in estates and facilities, quick and easy access to Banner’s wide-ranging Premises and Maintenance category, both stocked and through Banner’s extensive supplier partnerships, and will enable them to work with their existing contacts at Banner and order even more of their requirements through a compliant framework alongside other workplace supplies.

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6 Reasons to choose Brother for Healthcare

Mar 11, 2021 9:30:00 AM / by Banner posted in Working Smarter, Health, Technology


Brother knows what it's like to work in healthcare and how to come up with solutions to help healthcare professionals get the job done.

Brother products integrate with all main clinical software programmes, straight out of the box, meaning less time spent on IT and more time focused on patient care.

Whether it be pharmacy, primary or secondary healthcare, in a time where budgets are forever under pressure, the efficiency and effectiveness of technology is key to making savings alongside improvements in healthcare levels. Brother are the only vendor who fulfils, print, label, and scan solutions from bedside to office and back, giving frontline staff the tools they need to make sure they’re delivering the best levels of care.

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Customer orders help to kit out 3 schools in underprivileged areas

Feb 9, 2021 3:41:31 PM / by Banner posted in Product, Education, Health, Partnerships


We are thrilled to announce that, thanks to orders placed by our customers for Proverb hand sanitiser products, 3 schools in underprivileged areas are now kitted out with sanitiser stations! 

This is because, for every Proverb hand sanitiser product bought, the company donates the equivalent quantity to underprivileged areas.

Banner is committed to an active and inclusive engagement with our local communities and this includes partnering with suppliers who offer social value initiatives. Proverb is just one example of how we work with our suppliers to deliver real social value.

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Are You Using Hand Sanitiser Properly?

Jan 25, 2021 4:05:43 PM / by Banner posted in Product, Employee Wellbeing, Health, Partnerships

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Health workers may not be using hand sanitiser properly 

Incorrect use of hand sanitisers by healthcare staff may be leaving them inadequately protected, according to a recent study.

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3 Ways Philips Protects Medical Staff through Hygienic Working

Jan 22, 2021 9:00:00 AM / by Banner posted in Product, Working Smarter, Employee Wellbeing, Health, Partnerships


From radiation to infectious disease, medical employees have always been exposed to higher health risk than your regular office worker.

With many factors out of the individuals’ control, hospitals emphasize the importance of preventing infections through hygiene measures for hands and surfaces.

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