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Workplace Morale: How to Create a Positive Team Dynamic

May 31, 2022 10:00:00 AM / by Victoria Whiteley


When working in a team there is bound to be a variety of different personalities and opinions.

Managing or being part of a team that maintains a positive dynamic isn’t without its challenges but is vital to a team working together effectively.

Having a poor team morale may impact a big project, cause a reduction in the amount of work being produced or increase stress. Spotting when morale is low can be the key to creating a more positive team dynamic, but it’s not the only way you can help to create a more enjoyable and productive working environment for your team.

Here is some advice on how to create a positive team dynamic:

Fun Weekly Meetings

Although it’s good to have weekly meetings, it’s important that not everything you talk about is work related. Having 2 different weekly team calls can be beneficial to not only discuss and give updates on the work being done within your team; but to also have a meeting to get to know each other better and learn more about each other outside of a work environment.

Some fun meeting ideas include working as a team to solve a puzzle, hosting a brainstorming session with an ideas board, having a type of ‘show and tell’, doing personality tests, partake in a trivia night, start a team book club or have a hack day (where everyone in the team drops what they are doing for the day and all complete a special project that benefits the business, but involves thinking outside the box and being creative)1

Having these extra weekly activities and meetings can help to boost team morale, support good team work and be a good laugh.

Team Bonding

AdobeStock_414651175A positive working environment starts with a collaborative foundation. Doing team bonding, both within work and outside, can help to create a positive team dynamic. This could be as simple as just meeting up as a team to do a team away day or working with someone you wouldn’t normally work with on a project.

Great ways of bonding as a team in the workplace can include coming up with a new collaborative project, ensuring you are communicating with your team, and supporting each other and celebrating achievements. A good way of commenting on the good things each member of the team has been doing is by doing a compliment circle.

As well as team bonding within work, getting to do an activity as a team outside of the workplace can be just as beneficial as in the workplace. Things like team days, doing an activity such as an escape room or, if your team is separated, meeting up as a team without having work as an excuse can help your team to get to know each other better and form closers bonds.

Shared Knowledge

Sharing your knowledge, ideas and expertise can be hugely beneficial to your team. Although you may spend all week working together, potentially you all have different aspects to your job. Sharing the hints and tips you have learnt can help your team to work more effectively.

The way you share your knowledge doesn’t have to be boring either, having a show and tell type meeting, creating PowerPoint presentation to share ideas or just saying something new you have learnt can greatly benefit your team. Studies have shown that by being more collaborative and sharing knowledge with your team can increase productivity by 30% and profitability by 21%[1].

Not only can sharing your expertise increase productivity, but it can make co-workers feel more valued as a team and increase team morale. Gaining new knowledge can cause us to be more creative, feel a level of trust and help everyone to become more collaborative with projects by understanding limits.

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Victoria Whiteley

Written by Victoria Whiteley

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