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Step in 2 a new standard of audio

Jun 21, 2023 11:08:59 AM / by Banner

Speak 2 75 Jabra

Juggling workloads is a continuous chore for today’s workers. Business complexity increases all the time and productivity is declining despite technology’s advances over the past decade. On top of this, with more and more people working in open offices, concentration and individual work is getting harder, with constant interruptions and noise appearing high on the list of pains for most.

And then there’s the subject of meetings... when the task in hand is more complex, meetings can be needed. Collaboration is becoming more and more important, especially as so many now find themselves working with a mixture of colleagues in the office and some that are located across the country. In addition to this, as teams and ways of working continue to change, having the right audio solution is becoming ever more important.

Jabra Speak 2 75 3

Jabra have upgraded their world-leading Speak & Evolve to create a brand-new portfolio of Speak2 & Evolve2 devices to overcome all of the noisy, distraction-filled challenges the hybrid working week brings.

The Speak2 range is the next generation of professional speakerphones engineered for hybrid working. Jabra are tearing up the rulebook with this new range of speakerphones. The advanced tech puts you front and centre of your meetings. It’s the first range of speakerphones in its category to have both USB-C & USB-A connectors on the same cable -saving time scouring the office looking for an adapter!

Jabra know how vital it is for everyone to be heard equally during meetings, so the Speak2 range is the first to be engineered with their latest cutting-edge Voice Level Normalisation technology, meaning you’ll be heard whether you speak with quiet confidence or enthusiastic energy. Paired with the exclusive-to-Jabra Microphone Quality Indicator*, your hybrid working experience will be much improved. The upgraded battery life gives you up to 32 hours, meaning you can plug and play and be off faster than you can say ‘you’re on mute’. The Speak2 range is the next generation of flexible, professional, portable speakerphones. It’s time 2 Speak up and upgrade!

Want to work wherever you want without noise getting in the way? Done!

Evolve2 65 Flex helps you work in whatever loud location you want, thanks to an advanced chipset and premium noise-cancelling microphones that deliver a powerful Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) performance.

And because the memory foam earcups fit closer to your ears, they seal out even more distracting sounds. Leaving you to get on with your work in peace.

*Speak2 75 only

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