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6 Reasons to choose Brother for Healthcare

Mar 11, 2021 9:30:00 AM / by Banner

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Brother knows what it's like to work in healthcare and how to come up with solutions to help healthcare professionals get the job done.

Brother products integrate with all main clinical software programmes, straight out of the box, meaning less time spent on IT and more time focused on patient care.

Whether it be pharmacy, primary or secondary healthcare, in a time where budgets are forever under pressure, the efficiency and effectiveness of technology is key to making savings alongside improvements in healthcare levels. Brother are the only vendor who fulfils, print, label, and scan solutions from bedside to office and back, giving frontline staff the tools they need to make sure they’re delivering the best levels of care.

Specialist healthcare label, wristband and document printing and scanning technology from Brother has exceptional portability and connectivity options. Brother understand that organisations have their own unique requirements and challenges, so offer bespoke solutions around specific needs and ensure seamless integration with existing infrastructure. Overall helping staff work more effectively at the point of care.

Brother Technology can benefit your organisation in many ways:

  1. Identifying security risks and building a plan to reduce them are just one of the ways Brother can help tighten up security of your staff and patient’s data.
  2. Streamlining workflow with Brother scanning technology makes digitising patient information much easier to be shared between departments.
  3. Using technology can also help boost productivity. The support team at Brother will work with you to fully optimise your technology to uncover all productivity gains and make the most of all functions at your disposal.
  4. With Brother, reliability is at the heart of their support offering. Brother are dedicated to meeting and exceeding standard service levels with wide-ranging experience in the healthcare organisations.
  5. Technology that isn’t cost efficient in an overstretched and understaffed environment can have an effect on care quality. Brother’s specialist technology for healthcare allows you to improve cost efficiency without the need for compromise – making everyday savings on one of your most expensive costs: staff time.
  6. Sustainable technology is always high on the agenda and when printing and labelling is a key part of your daily processes, you’ll need a technology provider that understands the complexities of printer sustainability.

These products and their benefits stretch from primary healthcare settings all the way through to pharmacy. Brother understand the impact of customer expectations and lower budget pressures currently faced in the healthcare sector and offers technology that becomes a solution to everyday IT problems.

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