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6 top tips to keep your team motivated while working remotely

Apr 2, 2020 1:40:38 PM / by Banner

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Workplaces have been evolving for some time due to an increase in flexible working requests. While some businesses have found it difficult to accommodate such requests, the current circumstances have left organisations with no choice but to become more flexible with both working patterns and environments.

Many businesses have had to adapt quickly and provide their workforce with the equipment and software necessary to enable remote working. Most companies will now have overcome the initial obstacles, but the next step is to consider how managers can keep their teams motivated and efficient while working remotely, especially those who are used to managing teams in the workplace.

Here are our six top tips to keep your team motivated while working remotely:

1. Stay Connected
It is important to allow a period of adjustment to get used to working from home, especially with the technology involved with remote working. Use software that enables quick and easy communication like Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Hangout. These allow you to stay connected with your team with instant messaging, video calling and screen sharing, so you can have the discussions you would usually have at your desk.

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2. Be creative
These unforeseen circumstances have opened opportunities to be creative with how your team works, people have had to take a step back from BAU and in cases will step outside comfort zones for a period of time. Try and encourage new and innovative ideas within your team while working from a different environment. Perhaps this is the time to try a new approach to day to day business.

3. Stay Productive
Encourage the team to start each day or week with a to do list that is not overwhelming and is manageable. Break tasks down into smaller chunks and have manageable deadlines to stay focussed. Encourage 3 objectives at the start of each day and get the team to tick these off as they go to mark achievements. View our working smarter guide for more tips.

4. Focus on what you can control
Don’t waste energy or time worrying on things outside your and your teams’ control, we are being bombarded with information that we need to take on board on a daily basis from the media. If this is becoming overwhelming for you and your team try and reduce exposure to this and reassure your team on what a great job they are doing during this tough time.

5. Adapt to the new normal
Accept that we must adapt to the new environment we are living in, restrictions in the coming weeks and months will have an impact on your team both physically and mentally. No doubt people feel different emotions, at different times, due to many day to day routines changing. It’s important to encourage your team to accept these situations as it will allow them to think more clearly and calmly.

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6. Stay Safe
Keep up to date with the government guidelines and follow these as best as you can, keep your distance when you go out for essential purposes and about and keep on top of washing your hands!

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