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Banner are aiming to be Net Zero by 2030!

Nov 22, 2021 9:30:00 AM / by Banner

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With COP26 complete and some positive action on climate change agreed, Banner is delighted to announce a commitment to Net Zero by 2030!

This aggressive and challenging target is supported by detailed opportunity planning and a huge collaborative effort across our estate of operations. Working with an extensive supply and customer base will mean changes to buyer behaviour and strategic decision making, but the outcome will lead to a significantly reduced carbon footprint for Banner and our stakeholders. Forming part of the Banner EVOlution CSR Strategy, a Net Zero Target complements our Procured Plastic Free Operations and Protecting our Natural Environment.

Here are three ways Banner is already making progress towards our net zero target:

Responsible Procurement

Small and frequent orders, have quite an impact on the environment, not only on our carbon footprint, but also the use of disposable packaging.

Here are 4 things Banner believe it's useful for you to consider:

  1. Reducing Carbon Intensive Small Orders
    Every year approximately 30,000 orders, at a value of less than £25 are processed through Banner, this not only increases costs but means we emit around 6,616kg of CO2 emissions and use around 242,750 litres of fuel, just in the education sector alone. Setting a minimum value or ordering less frequently means less road miles and that means less CO2.
  2. Perfected Packaging - Not quite but we're working on it
    Not only do our cardboard packaging boxes get sized for best fit to the items in your order, but they have recycled content of more than 70% - even the pull strip in the lid! Sometimes your goods may be a bit fragile and need some infill to protect them on their journey, so we add recycled cardboard that we have shredded on site. This means no more plastic void fill and has significantly cut back our plastic consumption. Finally, we sourced a supplier who makes packaging tape made with 100% recyclable and biodegradable gum, eliminating 450,000 meters of plastic packaging tape from parcels each year.
  3. Cleaner Deliveries
    Your workspace may be located in one of the UKs low Emissions Zones or in London's now expanded Ultra Low Emission Zone. When Banner delivers to you, rest assured that our transport fleet, Truline, contains lower emission trucks meeting the Euro 6 engine standard across the board. These vehicles aim to deliver up to a 7% improvement in mpg and feature the latest fuel and emission efficient engines, meaning cleaner air.
  4. Better Buying Choices
    Choosing products that have green credentials are now easier than ever before, when you select from our ever-expanding range of Green Choice products. Procurement has a significant role to play in the race to Net Zero and Banner believe it is pivotal to reducing environmental impacts. 

Reducing Waste

Reducing waste is a hierarchical process. It’s great to recycle the wastes you can’t avoid, but even better to stop it at source. The fun in waste reduction is getting your head into the bins – literally! Regular waste audits means you can ensure waste segregation is carried out to maximise recycling – an education piece - but it enables you to identify any wastes you can avoid. As a supplier, not only do we use less single-use plastics in our orders by using 100% recyclable and biodegradable gummed paper tape but we no longer use plastic void fill.

We have also saved 10 tonnes of plastic from packaging our paper, meaning that any paper you buy from Banner is wrapped in paper rather than shrink wrapped plastic. We've also reduced our cardboard wastage by utilising a wider range of different sized packaging cartons, so we can select the best size box for an order meaning you have less packaging waste to manage.


We’ve improved energy efficiency across our sites by introducing LED lighting and other low energy devices across our workplace. The benefits of using LED lighting are not only that it's more energy efficient but they also have a longer life span, creating less waste and producing no heat or UV emissions making them better for offices and distribution centres. As part of our Net Zero targeting we’re in the process of identifying opportunities to further reduce energy use across our sites and review options for renewable energy in future. Finally, we use a green energy contract across the entire Banner operations.

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