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Banner's Meeting Room Makeover with 3M

Aug 13, 2019 11:00:00 AM / by Banner


Collaboration leads to a more engaged and innovative workforce, however it's still not a priority within a lot of companies today.  

Getting everyone involved with decision making can help projects to run more efficiently and creates a workforce full of team players. Working collaboratively creates a buzz within the office and a culture of staff who enjoy coming to work, leading to a more productive team. Collaboration is a process which involves everyone sharing their individual knowledge, utilising their own skills and experience as well as those of the rest of the team leading to a better project outcome.

DSC00084_EDITEDGetting everyone's ideas out there and into the mix gives us a main part of collaborative working and creating a space in which this is possible is a great way to move forward in working this way.

Together with 3M we gave nine customers the chance to have one of their meeting rooms made over with 3M products to enhance collaborative working within their offices.

DSC00079_EDITEDAs well as the nine customers, the Banner boardroom was also injected with ideas sparking products from 3M including Post-it's of all sizes and colours and a wall covered in the Dry Erase Film.

The makeover took place overnight with a reveal to the Banner team the following morning. Feedback included that it made the boardroom 'looked brighter' and it was nice to have something exciting happen here in the office.

In the following weeks installations will be happening for the nine chosen customers, so keep a look out for updates both here on the blog and our social media channels from them about their new meeting room spaces!

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