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Bigger, bolder thinking

Mar 14, 2019 2:35:43 PM / by Banner



Nobo's innovative new product line-up for 2019 is designed to make meetings bigger and bolder than ever before.

Inspiring a clean, creative and collaborative working environment, a new range of boards offers a smart solution for every workspace.

More of us are used to widescreens and flat screen televisions, and there's no reason why work meetings should deliver any less of a visual experience.

Nobo's new widescreen whiteboard gives teams the opportunity to turn every meeting into a large-scale and fully immersive event. Optimal viewing is made possible with a range of surface size options from 32" to 85".


More board, less frame 

A contemporary, slim and unobtrusive frame maximising writing space on each whiteboard.

The new widescreen board features a slim 6mm frame, which is over 60% narrower than previous versions. This new design is elegant and practical. giving teams even more space to explore their plans and ideas.


Accessible accessories 
Ever had a meeting delayed to hunt for pens? A spacious new pen tray below the board ensures all your accessories are stored conveniently close to hand. 


Sleek look, easily mounted 

Guaranteeing a sleek, modern look in any workspace, the new boards feature the InvistaMount system.

This is one of the easiest mounting systems available. It just takes one person to quickly install a board, without the need to position screws at each corner, and with fixings neatly concealed behind each board.


Choices, choices 

It's important to choose the right surface for your workplace and your budget.

Nobo whiteboards are offered in a range of surfaces. Each type of surface offers different levels of erasability and durability, ranging from melamine to brilliant white glass.

The more erasable and durable a surface is, the more improved its' colour and contrast will be, with less residue likely to remain on board.

Innovative surface solutions from Nobo include premium style Diamond Glass boards that are easy to clean.

The ever-popular Nano steel boards feature the unique Nano Clean technology, which deliver a smooth surface. with 30% increased erasability compared to standard painted steel.

Felt notice boards from Nobo are now available in a choice of red, yellow, green and cork felt. Research has shown that the right choice of colour can improve employees' moods and increase productivity. These boards are perfect for brightening up the office environment and creating a more positive and vibrant working atmosphere.


Lifelong efficiency

To keep your new board looking good an d performing well over a lifetime, maintenance is vital. Nobo board accessories include wipes, erasers and clean sprays, which help ensure that every board continues to sparkle from morning to evening.


Getting it right from the start

The new Nobo range helps you to select the right board, right from the start.

Creating a clutter-free work environment and inspired by the evolution of slat screen television, Nobo boards bring a contemporary, minimalist appeal to perfectly complement the look of any workspace.  


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