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Changing working practices to reduce the productivity gap

Nov 15, 2018 3:57:08 PM / by Banner

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23% of the UK workers reported being unproductive at work in the Vodafones 'Unlocking Productivity: Working in the UK' report from November 2017.

Tackling the productivity challenge is a recurrent topic and covers areas such as stress management, process simplification, managerial techniques, and work environment. Designing a work space that enables every worker to perform at their best is a first step to provide a better employee experience and thus a higher productivity.

Today's workplace is technology-centered but tomorrow, it will be human-centered. Being able to move throughout the day, having a flexible environment that adapts to the activity and facilitates collaboration between colleagues allow people to perform more efficiently and share ideas for better outcomes. 42% of employees say poor technology is stopping them being as productive as they would like to be.

Conducting an assessment on how your office solutions support workers is key. Removing burdens from a non-efficient office environment enables people to thrive, be more efficient and focus solely on their tasks. A Multi-monitor configuration saves time and allows for better accuracy, enabling multiple applications to be run simultaneously and easy comparisons between files. If the screens are mounted on adjustable monitor arms, they improve collaboration by allowing to easily share views with others.

Fostering a movement mindset for people to use their whole body to power the mind can be facilitated by proposing frequent posture changes, walking meetings and active breaks. Sit-stand solutions improve productivity by up to 46% and being active regularly reduce risk of cognitive decline by 50%.

Changing working practices are one step towards reducing the productivity gap. Discover how Ergotron, Banner's new supplier, offers solutions to enable work space well-being and productivity in our Guide to Working Smarter.


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