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Diaries - why tidy workspaces thrive

May 2, 2019 11:00:00 AM / by Banner


Is your workspace not quite the oasis of organisation it could be?

When everyone's working at full tilt it may feel easier to leave papers and folders lying around to deal with 'another day', but there are valuable benefits to dealing with any messiness for once and for all.

More productivity

A more organised office makes life easier. It helps us focus and reduces the amount of time spent finding documents and equipment.

We're more likely to be distracted when our workspaces are cluttered. Whether we're feeling frustrated with messy colleagues or searching through piles of documents, we're unlikely to be as productive as we otherwise would be.

When we deal with those small mountains of paper and heaps of clutter, we're likely to improve our efficiency and increase our concentration.


First impressions

A messy office tells employees, customers, suppliers or any other visitors that we're not particularly organised, even a little chaotic and it could suggest that we're not taking enough care of our documents.

A neat and tidy office gives a strong first impression that we're motivated about our work, and the organisation is professional, efficient and wants to get details right.


Less stress 

Not being able to find things, particularly during a working day, can be a cause of stress. Anyone who gets those rising feelings of panic when someone asks them for a document would probably feel a whole lot better if they could lay their hands on it within a minuet or two of being asked.

Stress can arise when we have too much going on around us. Being surrounded by mess and being constantly reminded of it because it's all around, can make anyone feel overwhelmed. By clearing out clutter and organising our workspace we can lower our stress levels.


Organising your workplace

Organising a workspace is easy with the right tools. If you label everything, you'll know where every item is and be able locate it quickly.

From files, folders, binders and cabinets to shelves, bins, storage containers and boxes, a good labelling system makes the working day a whole lot easier.


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