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Display Size Matters

Sep 5, 2019 1:24:38 PM / by Banner

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Student expectations are high when it comes to technology in their learning environment.

They expect simplicity, ease of use and reliability in the technology they use to reflect how connected they are to their everyday lives.

Here at Banner as an IT+ Silver Partner at Epson, we acknowledge their understanding of education and utilisation of that knowledge to design technology for efficient learning. The technology developed connects both faculty and students encouraging collaborative working and capturing attention.

Epson's developments in technology for education helps to create a dynamic learning environment. Their projection system allow content to be shown from up to four devices at the same time as well as allowing content to bar shared between those devices.

Epson interactive displays can be scaled up to 100" and are flexible to any room size or layout. Unlike other flat panel displays, with Epson, every student gets a perfect view without losing any image quality. Ensuring the image is the correct size can have an impact on student engagement, concentration and understanding.

As well as being innovative with projection, Epson strive to create, inspire and collaborate within their education technology with quality printing. Their inkjet printers can produce up to four times as many prints as other competitors.

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