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Doing the right thing

May 3, 2019 2:18:07 PM / by Banner


shutterstock_1039300888Doing things right in catering and hospitality is no longer just about cost and speed of delivery. It's also about our environment and health. 

Most people are now awake to the damage that single use plastic is doing to the environment and wildlife. At least eight million pieces of plastic are estimated to enter the oceans every single day, and a plastic bottle is said to last for 450 years in the marine environment. 

These breakdown into microplastics which are eaten by fish and so enter the food chain and, ultimately, our bodies. 

More of us than ever are demanding that organisations help slow down this environmental damage and health risk. From customers to employees, there are now an expectation of more responsible purchasing.

With Banner you can meet not only you operational and efficiency targets, but also your Environmental ones, with our range of catering and hospitality supplies.


Sustainable solutions
A range of Bio degradable, compostable and recyclable catering products is now available from Banner.

From hot drink cups and lids to water cups ad cutlery, Banner's range of PLA (Polylactic Acid) products naturally degrade when exposed to the environment. A PLA product would typically degrade in the ocean within 6 to 24 months, compared to hundreds of years of conventional plastic. 

Banner's PLA products are made from corn starch which is a renewable source. they are compostable in industrial composting facilities, and fully certified for this, so can display the seedling logo. Users simply place the product in an organic waste collection bin for it to be collected and processed.

The range can also biodegrade in landfill, with the speed of this depending on moisture levels, temperature and humidity.

 Banner - sustainable catering


Tailored to you, and your budget 

When you work with Banner, you find a team of people who want to spend time within your business to get things right, first and every time. Our specialist team of catering and hospitality professionals work to understand your organisation and objectives so that we can make the best recommendations.

We help you find the best catering and hospitality products and deliver them on time, to wherever you need them. We typically deliver a 20% saving for every customer, and create a personalised process, helping you to optimise budgets and maximise resources.

With Banner you can enjoy more productive catering and hospitality, because we take time getting to know our customers and understanding their views. We use everything to tell us to make our catering support even better. We ask for regular feedback on our service so that we can continue to develop ever more tailored support.

We back up all of this up to an infrastructure that is second to none. We have 650,000 square feet of warehousing and a fleet of 350 vans operating nationwide. We deliver to suit you, whether that's next day or on a specific date. We can also make sure that supplies are brought to whichever area of your building they're needed. 


Benefits of Banner

  • The right solution to your needs
  • Typical savings of 20%
  • Meeting your people's needs
  • Helping your budget go further
  • Products where and when you need them
  • Expertise and efficiency


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