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Ensure you have your hybrid working equipment covered

Oct 13, 2021 2:55:10 PM / by Banner

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In September 2021, London saw its busiest morning rush-hour since the first national lockdown of March 2020, and we continue to see a marked return to the workplace.  

On Monday 6th September a total of 831,000 passengers used the London Underground between the hours of 7am and 10am alone. This story was mirrored on the buses, with passenger numbers up 40% on the previous week, according to Transport for London. 

Although high in comparison to previous weeks and months, these figures actually represent around half of pre-pandemic figures, which paints an interesting picture on how the working population’s weekly schedule will look going forward. Last month, an average of more than 1.8 million journeys were made on the Tube every weekday - compared to 3.9m in July 2019, so it is clear that patterns have changed, perhaps permanently. With more of us using public transport to get to the office, time management is one of the key areas in making a smooth journey to work; However it’s not the only factor to take into account when switching to a Hybrid Working Solution, or making a full return to the office. 

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Whether planning on returning to the office full-time, transitioning to a hybrid solution, or continuing to work from home, it's important for businesses to make sure strategies are fully implemented to ensure employee welfare and productivity. Different working models will work differently for various businesses, sectors, and of course, for different employees. For example, age, location and whether someone has a family, or a suitable place to work at home, will all no doubt plays a role in determining a preferred workplace situation. 

To look at it from the perspective of the employer, who will obviously want to consider whether business is thriving, but also whether the settings and equipment being offered to staff are enabling them to succeed within their roles. There are five areas to consider for you and your teams when working from different locations and they are:

  • Preparing workspaces
  • Equipping employees
  • Communicating effectively
  • Protecting data
  • Supporting employee wellbeing

Equipment such as monitor arms can make working more comfortable, for example, and encryption storage devices provide peace of mind regarding data safety on the move. In certain circumstances, safety measures need to be put into place to ensure the welfare of colleagues. 


At Banner, we offer a wide range of hybrid working solutions. Whether it be infection control & PPE, furniture, facilities supplies, technology, or office supplies, we can ensure you are fully equipped to adapt to a new working model for both employers and staff. Why not invest in employees by providing them with the right equipment they need, wherever they are working. 

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