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Ensure your Workspace is a Happy and Healthy Place

Nov 2, 2021 10:00:00 AM / by Banner


With more and more businesses returning to offices, it is important to keep team morale high.

The wellbeing of employees is continuing to stay at the forefront of everyone's minds, and with more companies making the switch from home working to office working, we want to help you to stay positive and well during this new change.

Here are some tips on how you can return safely:

Back to the Office

3D_Book_hybridworking2Following on from the easing of restrictions across the UK, it is no longer a requirement to work from home where possible, meaning we are now seeing a noticeable move back to the workplace. In order for a safe environment for colleagues and employers, businesses should have now taken steps to consider what the new workplace looks like going forward.

This will most likely involve workplaces utilising screens, having regulations around masks, having sanitiser stations and temperature checks to ensure employees are still safe while working in the office. As well as this some companies have made the move to a hybrid style of working, to ensure that all their employees aren't working in workplaces all at the same time to minimise risk.

Unposed group of creative business people in an open concept office brainstorming their next project.Get back to Working Together Safely

The wellbeing of employees in the workplace has taken a step into the spotlight during recent months, and office furniture can play a huge part in helping to keep people happy and healthy when they’re working. The most effective and modern office spaces are characterised by division into different zones that support employees as they perform particular tasks. With the use of multi-functional spaces, employees can get back to working together in person with their colleagues and enjoy exchanging ideas once more, while still keeping track of social distancing.

There are 6 zones that every workplace should have to maximise collaboration and help get you back working together1:

  • Collaboration zones - these are areas designed for meetings, brainstorms and problem solving, which furniture that is comfortable, varied and mobile such as tiered seating and dry-erase whiteboards
  •  Gather zones - designed for quicker or casual meetings gather zones are break rooms with a working twist, tiered seating works great in these zones, along side upholstered stools, tables and chairs
  • Reflect Zones - writing, creating and thinking are what these zones are designed to help you achieve. A space to focus with no distractions needs comfortable booth or pod seating to help eliminate distractions.
  • Talking Zones - a space where you can hold video conferences, make or take calls and just talk without feeling as though you are disturbing others in the office, talking zones use furniture for both sitting and standing to give you the freedom when presenting or working.
  • Explore Zones - work individually or in a team, with technology or a notebook the choice is yours in an explore zone. Dry erase walls, tables and boards are a must have along side comfortable seating in this agile and dynamic space. 
  • Focus Zones - are areas designed to get work done, whether it be answering emails or just general admin, the furniture you should incorporate in this space are ergonomic chairs combined with curved desks to remain comfortable while still being collaborative. 

Plan your Workspace


Whatever the space available to you, we will work with you and provide furniture solutions to make sure employees feel safe, healthy, and are comfortable in their place of work. Space planning is an essential part of the modern-day office and a carefully considered design can tremendously improve the practicality and aesthetics of any space. Contact our furniture or sales teams today if you would like our expert design team to help you make the best use of the limited space available in any working environment.


Furniture for Wellbeing

At Banner, we offer an extensive range of furniture to suit any requirements. Ensure your employees have the right equipment for their health and well-being in the workplace with options ranging from ergonomic seating and desk divider screens, to monitors and storage and filing solutions. It is more important than ever to ensure that colleagues can feel comfortable and at ease within their set-up, in order to encourage productivity.

Here at Banner we offer a DSE assessment to help ensure that you have the right furniture to suit your requirements. Our assessment covers and includes an analysis of workspace location and environment, screen display and a chair analysis as well as much more. No matter where you are working we want to ensure you remain happy and healthy.

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