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Epson Heat Free Printing Solution

Oct 6, 2020 10:59:20 AM / by Banner


Shaping the future of printing with Heat-Free Technology

Looking at them from the outside, it seems there are no differences between laser and inkjet printers from Epson, however when we look inside, they couldn’t be more different.

Epson inkjet printers use Heat-Free technology, which compared to laser and thermal inkjet technology deliver advanced customer benefits. Laser printing is a complex process which involves several stages, plus a high level of heat is required to warm up the toner and ultimately fuse it to the paper.

Thermal inkjets are another printing option however again the process includes complex stages and the need for heat to ensure prints are completed. Epson’s heat free solution, unlike the prementioned laser and thermal inkjet does not require heat in the ink ejection process. Instead this technology applies pressure to the element which flexes back and forward firing ink from the printhead.

Working with the heat free printing solution from Epson has four main benefits:

  1. Heat free printing is high speed and therefore time saving. With no warm-up required the printer can go as soon as it’s switched on or woken from sleep mode.
  2. Heat free inkjet printers also use less power saving both energy and money on running costs. Requiring no heat to warm up and a higher output means ultimately the printer is running for less time overall.
  3. Heat free inkjet printers generally require less maintenance when compared to laser printers. Epson heat free inkjet printers offer improved reliability and significantly reduced downtime meaning productivity stays high.
  4. Heat free inkjet printers use fewer parts which result in less replacements needed and, in addition to this, heat free printheads are not consumable meaning they last longer. Reducing the need for replacement parts mean these printers have a lower impact on the environment.

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