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Everywhere we look we are surrounded by colour

Nov 21, 2018 3:32:33 PM / by Banner

Creative colours to create memorable Presentations. 

Colours play a major part in our lives and they affect the way we behave. They can make us happy or sad, agitated or relaxed. They give us direction, like green for go and red for stop and they are used to indicate what's good and bad for us, such as on food packaging.

 But how do colours affect us in the workplace and how can using colour increase understanding, productivity and efficiency?

The colour of your office may affect your mood, but the colours in your presentation may equally have an effect on your audience. In the same way, the notes that you take down in meetings can be more memorable and easier to read if you use colour.


Here are some facts:

  • Colours enhance learning and memory retention by up to 78%
  • Colour makes important points stand out from the page
  • Colour stimulates senses and engages emotions
  • Colour increases willingness to read and motivation by up to 80%

There are various techniques that you can use when taking notes to improve their impact on your brain. These range from the simple use of different colours for each topic, to choosing specific colours to prioritise responsibilities and actions. At the top of the list you could really master the art of efficient note taking by drawing a mind map. Oh, and we mustnt forget the latest craze for the super-efficient: Bullet Journaling®

STABILO has products to suit all levels of enthusiasm for writing with colour, from fineliners and fibre tips to the most glorious spectrum of shades for highlighting and marking. Check out the new Pastel range of STABILO BOSS, which are a subtle alternative to the traditional neon glow and perfect for readers with an aversion to bright colours.


Stabilo Fineliners and Highlighters

Code Description Pack
050 0463 Point 88 Black 10
050 0464 Point 88 Blue 10
050 0465 Point 88 Red 10
050 0349 Point 88 Assorted 10
835 0271 Point 88 Assorted 10
063 0488 Sensor Black 10
063 0489 Sensor Blue 10
835 0270 Sensor Red 10
150 0107 Sensor Assorted 8


Stabilo BOSS Original and Stabilo Boss Original Pastel Highlighters

Code Description  Pack
063 0554 BOSS Yellow 10
063 0555 BOSS Green 10
063 0557 BOSS Pink 10
063 0561 BOSS Blue 10
063 0556 BOSS Orange 10
063 1705 BOSS Lavender 10
063 0455 BOSS Assorted 4
835 0336 BOSS Assorted 10
835 0784 BOSS Pastel Assorted 4
835 0785 Boss Pastel Assorted 6


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