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Banner Colleagues Put Their Best Foot Forward to Fundraise for the evo Foundation

Nov 23, 2023 4:53:28 PM / by Banner

Banner colleagues ready to take on the 16.9-miles challenge

Banner colleagues ready to take on the 16.9-miles challenge 


Earlier this month, colleagues at Banner set out on a 16.9-mile walk across the picturesque coastline of North Norfolk. The determined team included a range of Banner employees from across the sectors, including Managing Director, Vivian Slater. This was to help raise money for the recently launched charity, evo Foundation. Across the business, partners and colleagues have been putting their best foot forward and taking part in the “Walk of evo,” the Foundations first charity event. Following its success in raising awareness, funds, and bringing teammates together, the Norfolk walk was a welcomed extended leg, creating further opportunity to raise vital funds.


 Norfolk Coastline  Norfolk Coastline

The Stunning Norfolk Coastline 


The Norfolk Walk of evo  

Starting at Sheringham Golf Club, the Banner walkers made their way through shingle and over many hills along the breezy coastline. Luckily for our walkers, the skies managed to stay blue throughout the walk, despite it taking place in November. The team were well equipped with walking boots, waterproof jackets and an evo Foundation beanie to keep them comfortable as they took on the challenge.  

Making new friendsWith a short rest at the midway point to refuel, the Banner team marched on to complete the final stretch of the walk, even making a new friend along the way! They were in great spirits as friends, colleagues, and partners cheered them all the way to the finish line through words of encouragement on Banner’s LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, and donations to the dedicated JustGiving page.  

Karen Child, Head of Marketing for Banner and evo Group, was part of the walking team and took joy in meeting a local's dog as they made their way across the beach, (image left). When asked about the event, Karen expressed her enjoyment in taking part: ”everyone was in good spirits, and it was great to feel part of the 'Walk of evo' raising money for the evo Foundation. The walk itself was beautiful, albeit some challenging terrain along the North Norfolk coastline - in some parts it was pure shingle beach! There was a great sense of teamwork too, which was particularly helpful to motivate us during the uphill climb at the end”. 

After walking just shy of 17-miles along the beautiful Norfolk coastline, the Banner walkers held a well-deserved sense of achievement; it is no easy feat being outside all day in the cold November temperatures and walking such a distance.


Steve Smith walked 274-miles in 10 daysPart of a Greater Challenge 

The Norfolk Coastal walk was an extension of the evo Foundations first charity event, the Walk of evo. This was a 274-mile walk which took place over 10 consecutive days, making it the equivalent of 10 marathons in 10 days! The epic journey spread over communities where Banner and the wider evo Group have a significant presence, such as Normanton, Sheffield, Lutterworth, Aston, Leeds, and Bradford.

As employees, suppliers, and partners across the business came together to take part in various days of the walk, evo’s Operations Director, Steve Smith, (image above), took on the entire 274-miles. With impressive determination, will, and ambition, Steve completed the full journey raising over £31,000 in the process! The Walk of evo ended at Banner’s main office in Normanton on 1st November, where friends, family, and colleagues of Steve were waiting to celebrate his inspiring accomplishment.  

The Banner team was so inspired by this remarkable achievement that they took one of the life-size Steve cutouts to further encourage and motivate them on their Norfolk Walk!  


A Successful First Event 

Over the Walk of evo and the Norfolk Coastal Walk, over 100 colleagues, suppliers, and partners joined along the way, making the first charity event for the evo Foundation an incredible success. Not only did the Walk of evo bring people together and encourage the use of their charity annual day, but it raised over £35,000! With a target of £25,000, this is a fantastic achievement for everyone involved.

Employees from Banner and the wider evo Group taking on the Walk of evo

Employees from Banner and the wider evo Group taking on the Walk of evo 

With this kick-off charity event, Banner employees and the wider teams within the evo Group have made significant first steps towards the foundation’s core mission: the advancement of education and the prevention of poverty. As we approach 2024, we are excited for what opportunities and challenges the evo Foundation will bring to Banner and look forward to the Walk of evo being the start of many charity events to come. 

If you would like to donate to support the evo Foundation, please do so here: Walk of evo - JustGiving  


Walk of evo Sponsors  

A big thank you to our generous sponsors who kindly donated to support dedicated days of the Walk of evo:  

Jungheinrich UK  

Nautilus Designs


Flashy Cactus 

Endless LLP  

Jiffy Packaging  

Samuel Grant 


Star Tissue



Industria Recruitment 

Monarch Building and Heating Supplies 


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