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Five things to consider when designing your office space

Nov 15, 2018 4:12:06 PM / by Banner

Improve your work environment with 5 key tips.

A healthy, happy workforce is a vital component of a productive, successful business. As workers we spend most of our daylight hours and more than a third of our lives in the workplace, so it's inevitable the look and feel of our surroundings will impact on our productivity.

That is why it is important to optimise the offices we work in to get the best results to encourage collaboration and creativity, improve morale and well-being, and ultimately increase productivity.

Here we take a look at 5 of the key things you should consider when designing or updating your office space.

1. Ergonomic office furniture
European workers spend an average of 7 hours per day sat at their desk, therefor it's important to provide ergonomic and comfortable chairs.

A good ergonomic office chair will provide support for the back to help improve posture, it will be height-adjustable with adjustable armrests and backrest so it can be tailored to the user.

Many offices are also introducing height-adjustable desks or sit-stand workstations to ensure people are more active at work, rather than being sat in a sedentary position for hours at a time.

This has been shown to have a positive impact on staff health and wellbeing, as well as improving productivity.

2. Office lighting
The choice and colour of lighting could make a significant difference to employee mood and productivity.

Lack of natural light in the office has been proven to have a negative effect on workers. Blue and green light in the day can increase alertness and has been proven to improve productivity. Brighter lighting has been linked to improved levels of evaluation and analytical thinking.

Consider installing a lighting system that enables you to control the hue and brightness of your room so it can be adapted for different tasks and situations.

3. Layout and functionality
One size does not fit all. Agile working has become widely accepted as best practice. Workplaces need to be carefully planned around how people want to work, with a combination of collaboration, quiet and refresh spaces to optimise the space available and increase productivity.

4. Managing workplace noise
A study by the University of Sydney found that lack of sound privacy was by far the biggest drain on employee morale, with around 25% of people in open plan offices dissatisfied with noise levels.

Acoustic products should have a dual purpose. They should have the ability to absorb sound waves and reduce noise, but they should also have the ability to divide spaces, create spaces for group discussion, quiet contemplation and add visual interest to office landscaping.

5. Plants in the office

An easy and cost-effective way to improve productivity in the office is to add some plants. Plants can create some visual interest in the office, improve air quality and reduce stress which could contribute towards increased productivity.

These are just a few examples of the ways in which the design of your office can impact productivity.

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