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Four assets for transforming your workspace

Jul 31, 2019 2:07:12 PM / by Banner


For charging imaginations, improving creativity and feeling more prepared for the working day, getting your workspace in order is a must.

An organised workplace is an easier one to spend time in. It can help everyone feel more comfortable, find what they need and focus on their work.

However, the right equipment is the vital first step. Without it, we're likely to face mess every morning, struggle to find things and our productivity will be affected.

Here are just four assets that can transform any workspace:

1. Shredders

The first step in transforming a workspace is preventing clutter build-up. This includes recycling or donating any items no longer needed and reducing any piles of paper.

When it comes to confidential paperwork, it's important to shred this securely, in line with the GDPR, which generally means as soon as it's been used for the purpose it was acquired for.

A cross-cut shredder can shred a piece of paper into thousands of pieces, making it impossible for unauthorised individuals to read or use. Having a shredder easily accessible in every work area will help everyone keep the workplace tidy on a weekly basis. 

2. Storage

It doesn't take long to feel overwhelmed by clutter in there's a lack of storage.

Not only do storage boxes immediately help a space look tidier, but the support better organisation and data security.

There are ranges designed to hold lever arch or suspension files, and options that include hinged attached lids and locking tab fastenings, which can be stacked up to eight boxes high. This gives you a choice of boxes to keep everyday documents nearby, and others to safely sore less frequently accessed paperwork away from your workspace.

For desktop storage, it's worth investing in letter trays and magazine files so that documents needed everyday can be kept in order, but close at hand. 

3. Labelling

With research finding that 35-50% of information inside an enterprise is not centrally indexed, it's important to make work accessible to everyone who needs it.

Labelling is a huge asset to any workspace, enabling you to mark every box, draw or file with their contents so that anyone can locate items quickly.

If colleagues who know the business inside out tend to file things away without leaving instructions to help others find this information, labelling is the answer.

Labelling, together with an index where needed, keeps everyone in the loop. 

4. Monitor arms

One piece of desktop equipment that brings several benefits is a monitor arm.

This can maximise a workspace by keeping monitors off the desktop, so freeing up desk space. It also enables the use of two monitors side by side, so a user can view more content across both screens and use multiple programmes at the same time. This is said to increase productivity up to 30%.

Monitor arms are easy to adjust, so each user can ensure their monitors are at the right height and angle for them. This helps them work more safely, keeping their neck in a neutral position and elbows at 90 degrees. 

Built in cable management systems are another bonus, ensuring that the desk environment is tangle free.


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