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How information capture is enabling digital transformation success

Nov 5, 2021 9:53:00 AM / by Banner



Today’s business world is complex. Organisations are fuelled by data and information and involve large numbers of people interacting with diverse systems every day in order to produce key business outcomes.

Research suggests that around 35% of businesses do not have a clear plan for digital transformation. Whether your business is part of this 35% or not, you must have significant Organisational Intelligence to be prepared for the future

But what is Organisation Intelligence?  


Organisational Intelligence is the ability to create flexible knowledge pathways that add value at every stage to every employee by deriving maximum value from any information its given. An intelligent organisation uses insight to strategically adapt to its environment or marketplace.

Capturing these interactions and information is key to developing the intelligence retained in your organisation. The entire business will be positively impacted, from the organisational structure, culture, stakeholder relations, to strategic processes and knowledge assets.

Clients can be better served by employees that can access approved information quickly – productivity has been shown to improve by 20
to 25 percent in organisations with connected employees 1. The knowledge base of employees grows the more information is readily available
to them, and as more employees interact and update this information, the organisation’s overall intelligence increases.

So how intelligent is your company?

How do you use data? And how does it impact key stages of the decision making process? Are your employees enabled by data or do poor
data processes hold them back? To gain further insight and to establish the requirements of your digital transformation journey, ask yourself the following questions:

1. How do you approach communication?

Consider whether individuals and groups exchange information on the basis of need, as opposed to ‘need to know’. Are there specific methods of communication in place that facilitate easy communication with
relevant internal and external stakeholders?

2. How does your company create value?

Do individuals solely focus on their own roles? Or do they have a key understanding of customer profiles and demographics? How does your organisation create value by catering to the needs of those customers?

3. How do people within your organisation access the information they need to perform their function?

How do you use information or image capture? Question whether individuals can access relevant information quickly in a defined way, without needing
to seek authorisation manually at each step.

4. How is your business environment changing?

It is likely that your organisation is continuing to face challenging and uncertain times. Established and defined ways of working may now be inefficient. Tactics for assessing competitors or understanding the impact
of market changes, may no longer be the right solution. How flexible and agile to change is your business?

So how do you become more organisationally intelligent?

Well first of all you need to identify whats holding you back, what's stopping your business from progressing. There a multiple different areas that can cause a delay in being more organisationally intelligent:

  1. Generation Gap - Older staff often prefer a paper trail and don't want to alter the status quo
  2. Upfront Investment - Process of becoming digitised often requires funds that some business aren't willing to put up
  3. Lack of Knowledge - organisations are under prepared and have a lack expert knowledge, resulting in a reluctance to change due to the limited understanding of the opportunities that digitisation brings. 27% of businesses lack the appropriate internal skills to digital transform
  4. Approval/Validation - Electronic signatures are not necessarily widespread with business stakeholders potentially concerned over their security

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1The McKinsey Global Institute

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