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GDPR Shredders

May 25, 2021 10:00:00 AM / by Banner

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It's a legal requirement for anyone operating a business which handles personal data to fully comply with the rule of the GDPR, and this extends to ensuring all employees are aware of the obligations to securely destroy personal documents to avoid data breach.

As more employees work remotely, businesses must still remain compliant with the GDPR. Employees accessing sensitive data at home may be at risk of breaking rules, especially where paper data is involved.  

A shredder is the essential tool for destroying confidential paperwork, and the machines offering high security micro-cut shredding capabilities are the most effective. With the surge in homeworking, there’s been an increase in demand of personal shredders that are specially designed for home and small office use.


This increase in demand for personal shredders has led Fellowes to fast track the introduction of a range extension to its LX Series next generation shredders.


As we see changes in working environments, product design is becoming ever more important. This means it has to look good as well as perform brilliantly – and that was front of mind when Fellowes developed the LX Series. Their compact size and attractive lines provide aesthetic appeal that’s just perfect for today’s homes and offices. 


Maximum security when shredding a document is determined by the type of cut and the size of the particles each sheet is reduced to.


ImageThe LX Series 221, 211 and 201 shredders protect privacy by reducing an A4 sized sheet to over 2000 unreadable particles that are 6x smaller than standard cross-cut. The small, compact micro-cut particles fill the waste bin more efficiently than standard cross-cut pieces, resulting in the ability to hold up to 150% more shredded sheets for less frequent bin emptying.


These LX models include two of Fellowes’ propriety features. The first is Fellowes 100% Jam Proof System, which guarantees efficient shredding by eliminating frustrating paper jams and powering through tough jobs. The second one is the patented SafeSense Technology, which automatically stops the machine from shredding if hands (or paws) touch the paper opening, providing extra peace of mind when using around children or pets. 


On the LX Series shredders, Fellowes engineers have introduced the IntelliBar™ responsive technology. The IntelliBar allows end users to shred with maximum productivity and convenience through an easy-to-follow and automatic colour-coded light display on the machine.  


The series has now been extended to include the LX220, LX210 and LX200 mini-cut shredders finished in black and having the capability to shred each A4 sheet into 1000+ particles. These models also benefit from IntelliBar Technology and are designed for one to five users, depending upon which model is selected. 


Personal users and home office workers can also enjoy the LX Series experience with the new LX85, LX65 and LX45. These compact models are available in a smart black finish and can shred each A4 sheet into 300+ particles to ensure high security protection. Once again, user safety is of paramount importance; and, depending upon which model is chosen, the patented SafeSense Technology or a neat safety lock is included.

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