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Going green and baking buns raises first 1K for NSPCC

May 14, 2019 11:00:00 AM / by Banner


Green clothes, cakes and a match donation have helped Banner get one tenth of the way to our fundraising target for our National charity partner.

The first of our charity days at Banner saw people come to work wearing green or choosing not to in return for a donation to the NSPCC, while others baked buns, bought raffle tickets and entered sweepstakes.

The NSPCC's Senior Regional Corporate Partnership Manager, Adele Turnbull, gave a presentation at the start of the day, which helped everyone understand the importance of every pound being raised.

By the end of the day we had raised £525 for the charity that works to protect children across the country. By the end of the week managing director Craig Varey announced that Banner would match the funds, generating an incredible total of £1051.20. This means we're already over 10% of the way to reaching our target of £10,000.

Image of Ryan Sewell from Banner and Adele Turnbull at NSPCC

HWKW2395Ryan Sewell, CCS National Account Manager, Banner: "We're really pleased with how the day went at Banner. Not just from a fundraising point of view, which is of course important, but also for the talk delivered brilliantly by Adele at the NSPCC and the Schools Service Volunteers.

"Everyone was really engaged, and the NSPCC's messages really seemed to resonate. We rarely have a quiet sales floor, but it was quite compelling to watch people absorb incredibly powerful stories. There was a real appreciation for the work the NSPCC do and some pride in Banner's small part in helping to achieve that .

"It was a fantastic day and a fun one. We're proud to start our work with the NSPCC as our charity of the year."

Adele Turnbull, Senior Regional Corporate Partnerships Manager, NSPCC: "This is a brilliant start to Banner's fundraising. The £1,051 raised could help fund Childline to answer 262 calls, so that young callers can get the counselling and support they so desperately need when they feel they have nowhere else to turn.

"Whether people helped find prizes, bought raffle tickets, wore or didn't wear green, baked or ate cakes, thank you. You're the best!"


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For more details on the NSPCC's work please visit Or for more information on how Banner aim to help the NSPCC read NSPCC is Banners charity of the year.

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