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Helping the homeless

Feb 7, 2019 2:37:53 PM / by Banner

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We're extremely proud of Camille Kendall, a Key Account Manager at Banner, who went out with the Homeless Hampers volunteers recently to help distribute warm clothes, hot food, drinks, blankets and sleeping bags to the homeless in the Yorkshire region. 

With freezing temperatures and bitterly cold nights, Homeless Hampers provides an essential role in protecting and supporting the homeless in Yorkshire with the help of volunteers like Camille.

Would you like to volunteer?

To register to help and support Homeless Hampers please visit the website here or visit their Facebook or Twitter  pages.

If you see someone sleeping rough you can report their location using street link by calling 0300 500 0914 or by visiting their website at


Find out more about Homeless Hampers

Homeless Hampers are a non-profit campaign based in the Yorkshire region, whose aim is to challenge the public perception of the roofless and help to support the homeless.

They help to provide essentials in the form of hampers to those who are in shelters or on the streets; deeming them some of the most vulnerable people in our community.


Where it all started

Homeless Hampers started their campaign to help the homeless in November 2015. Their Christmas campaign provided 150 hampers to the homeless in West Yorkshire.

They also created a Mini Hamper Challenge where they asked the public to produce Mini Hampers on a budget of £5. Over 600 Mini Hampers were donated, and a team of volunteers hit the streets of Leeds and Bradford distribution hot drinks, food and provisions to those in need.

Since then they have helped homeless people all over Yorkshire, with over 4,000 people following them on Facebook, not only do they have volunteers who go out every Sunday a consistent basis to the point where people sleeping rough have come to know and expect them is extraordinary.  



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