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How to keep active in the workplace

Aug 29, 2019 10:00:00 AM / by Banner


September sees the start of Vascular Awareness Month and we’re looking at how your workspace can help keep you in good health.

Fellowes have put together some tips to help you create a healthy workspace, starting with your workspace layout.  It’s recommended that you fit it around yourself rather than you fit to the space. Using a workstation solution helps to reduce risk of workplace strain or injury. The 4 Zone Approach from Fellowes is designed to help demonstrate how to adapt your workspace, focusing on your needs, with the aim to improve health and comfort at work and overall productivity.

Zone 1 looks at preventing back tension. Fellowes suggest using back supports to help support your lumbar whilst in the office.

Zone 2 has a focus on making sure your wrists aren’t under too much pressure whilst working at your desk. Mouse Pads and Wrist Supports ease the strain on your wrists whilst working.

Using Monitor Supports, Laptop Supports and Document Stands can help reduce the strain on your neck – the pain point covered by Zone 3.

The final zone, Zone 4, is one that has a real benefit to your Vascular health. It presents the idea of using sit-stand desks to increase activity throughout the working day, which, in result, will have a positive effect on your overall circulation.

Sedentary working can lead to inflammation within the body which can have a long-term impact on your health. One of the areas impacted is your circulation, something which is a contributing factor to Vascular Disease. In order to combat these health issues we need to make sure we move more whilst in the office, while still being able to carry out our daily tasks. Moving from sitting to standing can help increase blood circulation in the body as well as helping with concentration and energy levels and ease stress.

Here are 10 top tips from Fellowes for when it comes to active working:
1. Wherever possible, try to stand during meetings and presentations
2. Get up and moving around whilst taking phone calls
3. Stay on your feet when waiting for public transport when commuting
4. Use the stairs
5. Perform simple stretched when sat at your desk. For example, raise your arms, move your neck from side to side and lift and raise your legs whilst gently shaking your feet
6. Remember to take regular breaks and or short walks
7. Keep hydrated – drink plenty of water
8. When communicating with a colleague in the same office – walk to their desk to speak to them rather than sending an email
9. Make time to go outdoors on your lunch break for some fresh air and a short walk
10. Try and make sure you have identified ways you can implement the 4 Zone solution at your workspace to help you keep active throughout the day.

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