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Get ready for HP+ and learn more about the smarter printing system that ensures your printer is always ready when you are.

Just like the introduction of HP Instant Ink, HP have changed the game once again with the launch of HP+ – a brand new smarter printing system that is more secure, more productive, and more sustainable than ever!

At Banner we’re delighted to be able to offer several HP Printers that utilise this revolutionary new printing system including:

HP OfficeJet Pro 9012e


HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e

HP OfficeJet Pro 8022e

OfficeJet Pro 8022e

What are the benefits of HP+?

At its core, HP+ can be broken down into four key features –

  • Smart Printing– Printing that’s ready when you are
  • Smart Ink – Never run out of printing ink and make savings with 6 months FREE Ink with HP Instant Ink
  • Smart App – Printing productivity in your pocket
  • Smart for the Planet – Printing with a purpose

Simply put, HP+ offers all these four major benefits and is your gateway to smarter printing.

Here’s some more detail on each of the separate features.

Smart Printing

A cloud-connected HP+ printer is smarter by keeping itself up to date, secure and ready to print from virtually anywhere at any time.

  • Print with fewer connection problems– With Smart Cloud resilience, your printer automatically detects and resolve issues before they have chance to slow you down.
  • 24/7 built-in security– HP+ printers come equipped with Smart Security technology to help you stay two steps ahead of hackers and prevents potential malware attacks that could leave your information ending up in the wrong hands.
  • Works with virtually any device, any app, anywhere– Print out articles to read later or photos whilst travelling on the way home because virtually, whenever, wherever, however you want to print, your HP+ printer is ready.
  • Keep your printing private– Private Pickup lets you hit print now and pick up later when you’re right in front of your printer.
  • Manage your printer from one place– From monitoring your ink levels and managing subscriptions, the Smart Dashboard helps you to keep on top of all things print related.

Smart Ink

HP+ utilises all the great benefits of HP Instant Ink which includes:

  • No extra cost for printing using Colour Inks– Your monthly fee is only based on the number of pages you print, not the amount of ink or type of ink you use.
  • Monitored ink usage– As soon as your printer is low on ink, you’ll be sent a replacement cartridge straight to your door.
  • Reduced printer ink waste– You will only receive new ink when you need it and your monthly fee covers the ink, shipping, and recycling.
  • Change plans anytime without hassle– Switching to a higher page plan or down to a lower page plan is quick, easy and incurs no extra cost.
  • Recycling old cartridges is handled for you– Just use HP’s prepaid envelopes to make returning and recycling your used cartridges a breeze as part of HP’s closed-loop recycling programme.
  • Guaranteed quick delivery when you need it– Your HP printer will anticipate when you are about to run out of ink and will order a replacement cartridge automatically. As a HP Instant Ink customer, you are guaranteed a new HP Instant Ink cartridge when you need it with Next Day Delivery, so that you never run out of ink!
  • 6 months FREE ink with HP Instant Ink trial– When activated within 7 days of machine setup.

Smart App

Print and scan from the palm of your hand with the HP Smart App with benefits including:

  • Professional-grade phone scanning– Advanced technology puts a professional-grade scanner right in the palm of your hand that can crop, flatten, smooth, and edit documents with ease.
  • Mobile Fax– Goodbye fax machines! And hello Mobile Fax, allowing you to send any secure faxes from your phone with ease. Whatever you need to fax, you can now fax freely and on the go.
  • Time-saving shortcuts– Scan, attach, send and file financial documents like receipts with just one tap, with Advanced Shortcuts being fully compatible with Google Drive, Dropbox and more to make it quick and easy to get your important documents to the right place or person.

Smart for the Planetgrid_4

HP+ puts the planet first with net zero-deforestation prints and closed loop-cartridge recycling.

  • Net zero-deforestation prints– With HP+, HP plants trees or protects forests with every page your print.
  • Turn old cartridges into new cartridges– Plastic waste is a huge problem, but with HP Instant Ink, your used cartridges won’t become part of it. Just send your used cartridges to HP and they will recycle them to create new ones.

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