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Is your business moving towards paperless operations?

Feb 21, 2023 4:51:59 PM / by Banner


Through extensive research across Europe, Fujitsu, partnered with Quocirca have found that more and more organisations are searching for ways to transfer information from paper format into electronic data that can be stored and searched more easily.

They found that 42% of the 508 respondents are moving to a less paper environment and a further 45% have targets to move their processes away from paper.

There are many problems with paper, starting with space, it takes a lot of physical space and manually searching and retrieving paper-based information is both time consuming and overall inefficient. Manual transcription of content from paper to electronic systems without scanning introduces human errors and maintaining paper quality and security over expanding legal time limits often requires expensive, environmentally controlled storage.

Plus, there is the issue of what happens to your paper after scanning. It was found that, 23% of paper copies are either destroyed after scanning or stored in an off-site location.

41% of paper copies are stored around the business in filing cabinets after scanning. 77% of documents are all or mostly scanned into business processes.

With digitisation it enables greater efficiency and effectiveness, moving information from paper into data makes working more efficient and productive. Integrating digitised paper into business workflows improves tracking and auditing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been said to have accelerated the need for companies to digitise. Today 68% of organisations say they have a budget in place for digitisation projects with only 6% saying they have no clear plan to digitise. Contrast this with 35% that had no clear plan early 2020.

Where do you fit into the figures? With 68%of respondents business’ having a budget in place for digitisation projects and 6% having little or no plans for digitisation, where are you with your plans to go paperless?

Having well organised digital information can help an organisation in many ways. Sharing information becomes much easier with 33% of respondents agreeing that better information management can lead to better knowledge sharing and it makes processes much simpler. Productivity levels can be improved as a result and time wasted looking for paper documents, seriously reduced.

There’s an expectation to perception gap for many businesses who don’t have the correct scanning technology for their requirements meaning digitisation can become a harder task that initially thought with 23% of respondents saying users having problems understanding how to get the most out of the scanners. The research found that by not having the correct scanning equipment, 32% of respondents had their time wasted by having to re-scan poorly scanned 26% rescanning items that were completely missed by the scanner altogether. Scanner availability was another issue, 27% unplanned downtime causing the scanner to be unavailable or 27% said the time spend fixing and maintaining the scanner became detrimental to workflows.

However, when the right scanners are in place, a business can benefit greatly. Businesses can become and or maintain compliancy, gain the ability to manipulate and share data quickly and simply, become more efficient overall and save office space. This can all be done alongside moving securely towards becoming a digitally transformed business.

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