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Learn the Cost Benefits of an MPS

Mar 8, 2021 1:09:13 PM / by Banner


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Brother-Logo-Blue-2020A Managed Print Service (MPS) is a bespoke solution built around your individual business needs, that generates all-important cost savings in a number of different ways.  

We spoke to Brother about how an MPS can benefit your bottom line.

Reduced Costs

One of the key benefits of a Brother MPS is that there are no hidden costs - all your print expenses become entirely forecastable.

Over the life of an MPS contract – which can be between one to five years - the total cost of printer ownership is lower.

An MPS also reduces support costs, because it’s the service provider’s job to keep your printers running, while cutting unnecessary wastage by giving you control over who can print and how much.

As a recommended Brother reseller, we’ll also make sure all your printers are set up to use ink, toner and paper as efficiently as possible to reduce the amount spent on consumables.

Improved Efficiency 

An MPS means all your printers are connected to a monitoring system that automatically orders replacement toners and repairs whenever they are needed, so you never run out.

That means no downtime or diverting precious staff resource to ordering consumables.

MPS users also benefit from regular hardware upgrades.

Working with modern, efficient printers means greater reliability and faster print speeds, boosting productivity.

Reduce Capital Expenditure

The upfront cost of buying new printers can mean a big investment. However, some MPS contracts can remove that need by allowing you to lease your devices for a fixed monthly fee and pay per page for your printing. This means there is no capital expenditure, just ongoing operating costs which are agreed before the contract starts.

This also covers all your supplies and servicing needs, without any requirement to spend on expensive printer supplies.

With all ordering taken care of automatically, you receive invoices every quarter, simplifying cash flow and supplier payments and improving your ability to budget long-term, so your team can focus on more important jobs.

When you buy devices like printers, you’re investing in hardware that will only depreciate in value, become less reliable, more expensive to maintain and perform less well.

But with MPS you lease brand new printers, which are well-maintained and are upgraded before they start to underperform.

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