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A few degrees above the rest: The ökoform heated desk arrives at Banner

Feb 28, 2023 2:36:58 PM / by Banner

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With rising costs hitting both small and large businesses, and the cost-of-living crisis impacting employees, everyone is looking for ways to save cash. The innovative ökoform desk, designed originally just to create a more comfortable experience for desk workers, could offer massive savings to businesses and hybrid workers alike. 

Energy costs are skyrocketing, meaning businesses are having to fork out more money than ever before to maintain a suitable office environment. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that one in five businesses have reported energy prices as their main concern for February 2023, according to ONS data. With this in mind, many businesses are now looking for alternative ways to keep business costs low, without moving to a WFH model.

Introducing, the ökoform heated desk...

The patented design provides optimal heat from underneath the desk, not just warming the user’s hands, like more common solutions, but the whole body.  

The concept was first designed by its inventor, Peter Waine, who observed that electric heaters in offices were quite inefficient, often warming only those closest to it. Noticing a gap in the market, Peter finessed his prototypes until he arrived at what is now the ökoform heated desk.  

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After putting his design to the test, a university study found that the desk was the most efficient way of heating individuals in an office. In fact, it was found that the desk only used 10% of the energy required to power a traditional heater. For businesses, this means a saving of £618 over five months per desk by switching away from traditional fan heaters. When you consider that a single office can have up to eight heaters on during peak winter months, the savings are truly significant. 

With ökoform desks, each employee can choose their preferred temperature, without affecting the temperature of the whole office – resolving a contentious issue for many workplaces! 

The adoption of these desks across an entire business can also contribute to a company’s CSR goals due to the reduced energy usage, cutting their annual carbon emissions.  

With an extensive list of benefits, including the improved well-being of employees, it’s clear to see why businesses are turning to the innovative solution in the fight against rising energy prices.

Now a supplier to the Banner range, the ökoform heated desk is available to order online. For more information, please contact your Banner account manager.  

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