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Our top 5 eco-friendly products for your next marketing campaign

Jan 7, 2020 11:00:00 AM / by Banner

Product Bunch - green and good

Sustainability is high on the agenda for many businesses who are looking to make their operations and products greener and limit their impact on the environment.

Using eco-friendly promotional products creates a good impression for your business and shows your customers you are working towards reducing your impact on the environment. A recent study found 42% of consumers have a more favourable opinion of a company if the promotional product they received was environmentally friendly. (Global Advertising Specialities Study, 2016).

That’s why at Banner, we have introduced a new range of environmentally responsible and ethically sourced promotional merchandise from Green and Good™. The Green and Good™ range is produced from recycled, biodegradable, sustainable, organic or Fairtrade materials.

Here are our top 5 eco-friendly products for your next marketing campaign or giveaway:

Bamboo travel mugs

1. Bamboo Fibre Travel Mug

In the UK, we use 7 million disposable coffee cups every day – that's 2.5 billion every year. Most of which are not recycled and end up in landfill. Switching to a re-useable coffee mug can prevent many of these ending up in landfill. We love these Bamboo Fibre Travel Mugs, which are made from biodegradable bamboo composite with a silicone wrap and lid.


Recycled water bottles

2. Recycled Finger Grip Water Bottle

The average person in the UK, uses 150 plastic water bottles every year – that's more than 3 a week! If just 1 in 10 Brits used a refillable water bottle just once a week, we’d save around 340 million plastic bottles a year. Help your customers cut down their use of single-use plastics with these Recycled Finger Grip Water Bottles, which are made from recycled milk carton plastic and are available in 11 different colours.

Desktop garden tube


3. Desktop Garden Tube

If you are looking for a promotional gift that is a little bit different then the Desktop Garden Tube will brighten up any office desk. Just add water to the recycled aluminium tube, which contains dehydrated soil and a seed ball, and watch the plant spring to life!


Portobello Bag

4. Portobello Fair trade & Organic Cotton Bag 

Branded bags are an ideal giveaway for events and conferences. These Portobello Organic Cotton Bags are Fairtrade certified meaning better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms for the farmers and workers who grow the cotton.


Biodegradeable Pens


5. Biodegradable Push Button Pen

Who doesn’t love a free pen? In fact, it was voted the UK’s most popular promotional gift in a survey conducted by the BPMA. But your branded pens don’t have to be made from plastic and there are now many different options available. Our favourite are these Biodegradable Push Button Pens made from corn starch.


Print and Promotional

There are over 250 products in the Green and Good™ range view the full range on our dedicated Green & Good website

Find out more about our full Print Management services including promotional merchandise here.   


Corporate Social Responsibility at Banner

At Banner we believe it is in everyone’s interests - our customers, our employees and the global community’s - to dedicate our time to finding ways to ensure a more positive environmental impact. It’s the right thing to do. Being protective of our natural environment will help our customers to succeed, deliver better quality workplaces for our people and support our wider communities.

We're pleased to have a robust CSR strategy in place. This operates across four key pillars, Our Environment, Our Supply Chain, Our Communities and Our People. These help us to deliver social value and impact for our customers, community, suppliers and employees.

To find out more about CSR at Banner please click here.

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