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Protect your data - inside and outside the office

Mar 5, 2020 10:00:00 AM / by Banner

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With GDPR and huge fines for breaches of data security, screen privacy is a hot topic for businesses right now.

3M™ Privacy Filters offer the perfect solution to counter visual hacking, with class‑leading protection from left or right.

Anyone can be a visual hacker

Visual privacy isn't just an issue in public places. How many visitors and contractors are in your office on a daily basis? It's not just your employees who may see sensitive data within your organisation.

Increasing opportunities for visual hackers

  • Today we use more devices and do more work in public places than ever before
  • Longer battery lives make it easier to work out and about
  • As a result, opportunities for visual hackers are rapidly increasing
  • A clever visual hacker may only need one piece of information to unlock a larger-scale data breach

Fast fact: 87% of mobile workers surveyed said they have caught someone looking over their shoulder at their laptop in a public space.

Mistakes sometimes happen. But allowing confidential information displayed on screens to be visually hacked is a mistake that IT security professionals in many organisations cannot afford to make. In today’s modern, mobile business environment, visual privacy is more important than ever.

Privacy screens - how do they work?

3m-logo3M privacy screen filters use advanced microlouver technology to block side views, while providing a crisp, clear view for the intended user. The result? People on either side of you see a darkened screen and nothing more, while you see your screen clearly and unhindered.

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