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Refresh, Protect & Keep Going in 2021

Mar 15, 2021 3:39:49 PM / by Banner


We’ve got you covered in 2021!

Here are few simple tips to help you refresh your working environments, protect your colleagues and help you and your team keep going this year.

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Wherever you and your team are working, stay refreshed by following these simple steps:

Create a welcoming work environment
Our physical workspace greatly impacts employee morale and relationships, so it’s important to consider it when formulising any new workplace plans. Refreshing workspaces could make a big difference to morale and there are many ways to do this.

For example, desktop accessories and stationery are a low cost but effective way to really revitalise a workspace. Exaclair, Rapesco and CEP have all brought out new ranges of germ savvy, colourful accessories to protect, brighten and tidy up any desktop. There are now many different styles and designs of stationery available that can be ordered in large or small quantities to suit every work location.

image2_pg2-3Small and simple changes can make a big difference. Catering can often be a big factor in creating that welcoming environment. From individual coffee and sugar sachets, to compostable coffee cups, there are many solutions available to create a safe catering offering for staff and visitors.

Different people work better in different workspaces, so talk to your team to find out where they feel they can achieve the best results. Think about each area and location and provide the necessary products and equipment to allow your team to work there safely and effectively. For example, if teams are moving around within the workplace or between locations, they’ll need kit that is mobile, such as laptops, laptop bags etc as well providing virus protecting measures, such as clear signage within the workplace, hand sanitiser dispensers & face coverings.

Give each week a theme
Start the new year by setting positive working behaviours that will produce a happy, efficient, and motivated team. Why not give each week a theme that encourages a critical self-care habit?

Perhaps some bad habits developed in 2020. Identify the habits that your team would like to change and do what you can to help. For example, introduce a caffeine reduction week by supplying bottled water and herbal tea. Theme a week on exercise and arrange team meetings, outside or standing up.
It doesn’t matter what themes you select, as long as they help focus on building and maintaining capacity to work whatever the situation and location

Re-consider your relationship with video conferencing
Video calls will be here to stay in 2021, but if you want to avoid feeling the effects of video fatigue, try a few tactics that may help. If you have the flexibility, try to block out space for focused work time. Assess your capacity and make adjustments – you’ll feel the benefits!

Talk to your team about agreeing a video limit. You probably aren’t the only person feeling this way and the overall team may see a boost in productivity from dialling back the video usage a little.

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Whether you’re working from one or multiple locations, it’s important to take reasonable precautions to protect yourself and others from the spread of viruses. Ensuring you and your team have the necessary equipment and knowledge required to protect staff & visitors is important.

Child with Hand Sanitiser station2021 welcomes new and innovative products that protect against the spread of viruses. For example, we now stock the latest Antimicrobial stickers that can be applied to high touch areas, such as buttons in lifts and door handles.

If you’re moving between different work locations make sure you have a good supply of the essential products, such as face coverings, hand sanitiser, gloves and visors.

If you or your team are working from home on a long-term basis, then there are a number of considerations that employers need to bear in mind. Speak to your line-manager about their homeworking policy.

Mobile work equipment, such as your laptop, headset and mobile phone, are all breeding grounds for germs and viruses. Use cleaning products that have been designed for electrical devises to avoid damaging equipment, and clean them on a regular basis. AF offer a range of cleaning products such as wipes and sprays that are specifically designed to clean devices.

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As longer-term workplace strategies come into force this year, there is likely to be a permanent shift to working from anywhere, rather than only working from home or an office, for example. Regardless of location, there are fundamental products that will help you and your team keep going and functioning effectively.



Make sure the essential products such as pens, notepads, paper, printer ink, whiteboard pens, tea & coffee etc are well stocked.


Communicate to employees how they can order the basic products they need so that they can focus on their primary job and navigate through the year.

Government guidelines are likely to change throughout next year, so investing in the portable products that enable teams to work from anywhere will be vital to staying productive.


Inside this brochure you’ll find a selection from our wide range of products for all working environments. Wherever your workplace is, Banner can supply the products needed to protect employees and enable your company to be productive and efficient. To see examples of how we supported our customers in 2020, please click here.

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image4_pg2-3Wherever you’re working, our logistics operation allows us to make daily deliveries to either a workplace or a home location, whilst ensuring our customers and employees are protected and observing all Government guidelines.

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