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Six ways that collaboration can transform employee wellbeing

May 16, 2019 10:30:00 AM / by Banner


Getting our heads together is a great way to work

When we collaborate, we’re said to be more innovative and happier, and projects can run more successfully. This can only be a good thing for wellbeing in the workplace, yet we’re not all embracing it yet.

Research has revealed that while a fifth of UK organisations have some form of collaborative technology in place, only 9% are actively using it to full effect.

Here are six ways that collaboration can boost morale and wellbeing:

1. Better relationships

When we learn to communicate more often, we can build stronger relationships within and across teams. We’re also likely to understand the organisation better and become more effective team players.

Learning to collaborate helps everyone to get involved in innovation and decision making which can give us a greater sense of control and helps us feel happier at work.


2. Enjoyment of work

If we’re part of a collaborative culture it’s much more likely we’ll enjoy coming to work, be more productive and others will want to join us.


3. Flexible working 

Better collaboration can open up doors to working remotely, and working flexibly. Location doesn’t matter if collaboration is working well. If an organisation is on one site or located across the globe, it will find it easier to grow if communication is effective.


4. Teamwork

When we collaborate, we share our individual knowledge, experience and skills for the benefit of everyone. Good collaboration gives us the chance to contribute our know-how, technical, planning or creative, and feel as if we are part of a team.


5. Learning and growth

Collaboration benefits our individual development. When we interact and share ideas, we can learn more about how colleagues think, negotiate and operate. This gives us all a chance to acquire new skills and build our strengths.


6. Reduce stress

Issues that could take months to be solved can be dealt with far more rapidly when we put our heads together. Different points of view and new perspectives increase the chance of a problem being resolved faster.


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