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Six ways to spend your year-end budget wisely

Jan 27, 2020 10:00:00 AM / by Banner

It’s approaching that time of year when your remaining budget needs to be spent, or you’ll lose it. Investing your budget wisely remains important, so we've put together six ways to make the most of your budget.

Year end spend-1

1. Reduce your environmental impactRespectful Recycling - 600755237

Take this opportunity to identify products in scope of the forthcoming ban on Consumer Single Use Plastics (CSUPs) that comes into force by 2021. View our guide to eliminating CSUPs here.


2. Add technology to streamline processes

Research has found that UK employees waste an average of 40 minutes every day working with less-than-ideal tech.  Update you tech today by speaking to your Banner account manager.

3. Check your data security meets GDPR regulationsGDPR 2Poor storage, failure to destroy records and information mishandling are just three ways that UK organisations have been finding themselves on the wrong side of data protection rules. View our range of data protection products here.

4. Increase employee wellbeing
From proactively helping people to stay well, to tackling health issues that can stem from the working environment, wellbeing at work matters. View products that support wellbeing at work here.



5. Improve collaboration in the workplace

Workplaces are embracing collaborative working because it can make a world of difference to their success. Support your team to work more collaboratively – click here for a selection of products.



6. Make waste management a priority
With more than half of recyclable waste in the UK, 51 million tonnes, ending up in landfill or being destroyed, improving our waste management should be a priority. View our range of products here.

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