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Sustainable shopping made easier with Banner's ‘Green Choice’ symbol

Apr 15, 2021 11:44:31 AM / by Banner

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In today's world, moving to more sustainable product choices is a key focus for many businesses. But actually identifying the best and most sustainable products can be tricky. 

At Banner, we’ve been offering a great selection of sustainable products for many years throughout our catalogues and online offering. But the 2021 launch of our ‘Green Choice’ symbol makes the selection of sustainable products much quicker and easier for you.

Banner's Green Choice symbol - what is it?

Designed to be instantly recognisable, Banner's 'Green Choice' symbol is the icon that we use to help you quickly identify and purchase products that are less harmful to the world's resources. You will see it has been added to the 2021 catalogue pages and it is also clearly displayed for you when you are viewing items in eSupply, our online ordering portal.

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Your use of these products will contribute towards your organization’s efforts to take the next step in social and environmental responsibility.

Making a strong sustainable choice

The Green Choice symbol is only applied to products that we have judged to meet or exceed a level of environmental excellence throughout their life-cycle, offering enhanced sustainable or ethical credentials. This covers the selection of raw materials, through production, distribution and final disposal.

You can rest assured that choosing a product that has been marked with this icon means that you are making an environmentally friendly product choice. You can also be 100% confident in Banner as a responsible supplier.

Green Choice Selection Criteria

There are so many differing accreditations and schemes that it can be confusing to decide what is the best product to choose. Therefore, we've taken the cream of the crop and have decided inclusion against certain standards.

To earn the right to and be rewarded with the Banner Green Choice icon, the products will have demonstrated a high commitment to sustainability, ethical trading or they will be certified to a certain standard or a member of a recognised organisation such as ECOlabel, Energy Star, Blue Angel, Nordic Swan, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Certified Carbon Neutral.

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The icon is shown throughout our online shop and in our 2021 catalogue.Catalogue showing Green Choice

For a physical copy of our catalogue (which itself has been produced as sustainably as possible), simply add BANCATU21 to your next order.

With Banner, you can be certain that you are choosing the products that underline and support your commitment to sustainability.




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To find out more about how Banner is helping to minimise its environmental impact, click here, or view our 2021 digital Banner Catalogue.

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