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Choose sustainability and help tackle period poverty in the UK

Sep 16, 2021 2:30:18 PM / by Banner

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Banner is delighted to offer the full range of environmentally friendly Hey Girls period products 

Banner is delighted to offer the full range of environmentally friendly Hey Girls period products. With plastic free, vegan, Phythalate & BPA free and certified organic materials, Hey Girls also plays a large part in avoiding the issue of period poverty in the UK. They are an award-winning ‘buy one, donate one’ social enterprise, producing environmentally-friendly period products. A Scottish community interest company, Hey Girls was initially established in 2018 by Celia Hodson and her two daughters Kate and Bec as a kitchen table start up, after experiencing period poverty themselves.Marketing image Hey Girls (9)

Help is at hand

With 49% of girls having missed a full day’s school because of their period, Hey Girls aims to ensure that everyone should have access to the products they need by providing a not-for-profit service, which involves a donation equal to each sale they make. In fact, they have donated 13 million products since 2018 and now have more than 250 donation partners across the UK, from charities to foodbanks and shelters. Education and best practice guides are also provided, alongside tailored solutions to ensure offerings are bespoke.  

Efficiency is key

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Equally impressive as the benefits of Hey Girls’ work against period poverty are its social responsibility ethics. Each aspect of the set-up is designed to be as efficient as possible, from the supply chain to the raw materials of the products. Every order is processed to be as space and energy efficient as possible, maximising carbon efficiency. The 100% cotton and re-usable product options also ensure that, by choosing Hey Girls, UK landfill is reduced. Hey Girls can provide every order with a unique ‘Don’t Panic’ poster, which is a great tool to inform staff of the positive change your workplace is making. They are also on hand to support your business with any queries on period health and education. 

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