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Eco-friendlier deliveries by Banner

Jun 20, 2019 2:59:16 PM / by Banner

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Our drive to make Banner's logistics operation even more environmentally friendly has taken a great step forward.

As part of our move towards a greener future and more eco-friendly service for customers, our transport fleet, Truline, has invested in 18 new, lower emission trunking fleet. The expectation is that these vehicles will deliver up to a 7% improvement in mpg. This to supplement investment last year in the delivery vehicles.

The '19 plate DAF vehicles, which feature the latest fuel and emission efficient diesel engines, will replace older vehicles in the fleet.


These more fuel-efficient vehicles will help to improve Banner's carbon footprint by cutting our emissions. They will also ensure greater efficiencies thanks to the need for less fuel to achieve the same number of deliveries.

With the UK aiming to achieve a significant cut in greenhouse gas emissions over the coming years, most organisations are looking at how and where they can make positive changes, and this move takes Banner another step in the right direction. It reflects our determination to deliver environmentally beneficial changes as and when we are able to.

During 2018, Banner also invested in a state of the art transport management system, which allows a streamlined delivery service and minimises CO2 emissions, via the use of fuel efficient routes.

With Banner you can discover new ways to improve your carbon footprint.

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