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Using Scrum methodology to create a more collaborative culture

Mar 11, 2019 3:32:54 PM / by Banner

3M Scrum Methodology 

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What is Scrum Methodology?  If you’re collaborating on a quickly moving project that has lots of moving parts, Scrum can be a big help.  It’s a flexible, holistic strategy where a team works collaboratively to reach a common goal. By implementing it using Post-it Products, it might be just what you need to help your team get ideas out and assemble all the puzzle pieces of a project into a beautifully complete whole.

 Key areas to consider are:

Set it all up with a surface-dry ease works best! On the Post-it Super Sticky Dry Surface, draw five columns and write individual headers for each in this order: Story, To do, In Process. To verify and Done.  Write a complete list of all the functions and features that need to be added to your project.  In the world of Scrum, we call these ‘stories’

2. Now write down each story separately on Post-it Super Sticky Notes and arrange them in the Story column.

3. Assign all of your tasks and to-dos. Hers’s where things start to get exciting” identify the do-dos associated with each and very story. Write each task on a Post-it Super Sticky Notes and stick them in a row next to the relevant story.  The smallest notes are great for jotting down shorter to-dos, and with the two times the sticking power of regular stocky notes, you can trust that they’ll start front and centre.

4. Tackle the to-do’s and watch them get done. If a to-do is ready to be worked on, the team member responsible for it moves it to the In Process column. If a task has been worked on but requires testing, the team member responsible for it moves it to the To Verify column. Once the task has been completed, it can be moved to the Done column.

People are individuals, each with a unique way of thinking and working. The same applies to teams. No two teams are alike.  When you’re part of a great team, you feel it. That shared drive toward success

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