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Virtual Events- A New Future?

Sep 2, 2020 11:32:16 AM / by Banner

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Banner are attending Virtual Events in 2020

Over the coming months Banner are going to be attending virtual events for the first time. Starting on September 9 with both Procurex National and PFH (Procurement For Housing). This is something new for Banner and the team who work behind the scenes to make these events valuable for both visitors and Banner.

Virtual events have been rising in popularity for years now, but with the emergence of COVID-19, they have exploded as an industry necessity, with people being unable to gather in large groups. And that is not necessarily a bad thing for companies going forward:

  • The opportunity for more team members to attend- whether it be for the day or a couple of hours it gives everyone the chance to have a virtual walk around.
  • You still get all the amazing information and insights from speakers from event sessions- and even better, these are recorded so you can enjoy at a later date.
  • You reduce the time and financial commitments required to attend these events- Hotel bookings and travel expenses are all a thing of the past. 

Virtual events are an adjustment for those organising the event within the company. They also create new challenges for attendees, like the potential for technical hiccups and the inability to network face-to-face. With the unpredictability of Covid-19 this novelty of the virtual event may well become a reality that we have to adapt to for the foreseeable future.

Click here - To register for Procurex National 2020

Click here - To register for PFH (Procurement for Housing) 2020

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