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We’re helping shoes find new feet this year!

Apr 29, 2021 9:53:14 AM / by Banner

woman giving shoe to child

Banner is delighted to be Supporting Sals Shoes Charity Toe to Toe school campaign 2021

Since 2016, Sal’s Shoes has distributed over 2,000,000 pairs of pre-loved children’s shoes in 46 countries around the world, including within the UK, to support families who would otherwise be unable to afford them.

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Why Sal's Shoes?

The charity identified that, in many countries around the world, the education system is free to access, but school uniform is mandatory. This means people who can’t afford a pair of shoes, can’t go to school.

Many young people tend to outgrow their shoes before they outwear them, especially this year as school shoes will have had less wear than usual but be outgrown just as quickly.

On top of that, shoes are relatively difficult to recycle because of all the different components they are made up of, so Sal’s Shoes find them new feet.

girl holding thank you signHow are Banner helping?

We felt compelled to help such a wonderful charity by firstly sending all registered schools the rubber bands needed to pair their shoes together, and secondly by raising awareness of this charity to our customers and contacts.

We provide educational and workplace supplies to hundreds of schools across the country and hope by supporting this charity, we will help to encourage even more schools to take part in the Toe to Toe campaign.


Take part in Toe to Toe 2021

To find out more about Sal’s Shoes and how to take part in Toe to Toe 2021 click the link below.

Find out more

This year’s information pack has lots of shoe-related activities to keep young minds occupied – individual pages can be printed and utilised as home schooling resources.

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Find out more

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