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When Hygiene and Safety are important, laminate!

Sep 21, 2020 2:33:50 PM / by Banner


In schools, social distancing measures need to be communicated easily and effectively. 

Laminated signs located in corridors, halls and classrooms will help pupils follow hygiene and safety procedures and alleviate any worries. Any laminated documents can also be easily wiped clean and disinfected when required.

Office Signs

One of the easiest and most effective ways to remind students of new safety measures is to display clear signs and information throughout the school. Depending on the size and layout of your establishment, you may need to display information about regular hand washing or use of face coverings reminders.   As strict health and safety measures are likely to be in place for some time, guaranteed longevity of the signs you display is required. Laminating also offers protection against wear and tear, liquid spillages, dirt and fingerprints. Laminated documents are easy to wipe clean with antibacterial products, avoiding any potential contamination.

Banner has recently launched the Foton 30 Automatic Laminator; making laminating multiple documents as simple and productive as possible. With schools, colleges and universities returning it is of paramount importance that signs are promptly displayed. The Foton 30 laminates up to 30x A3 or A4 documents at the press of a single button. Pressing one button reduces touch points compared to a traditional laminator, making it an ideal choice at a time when hygiene is at the forefront of our minds.

Post-Pandemic Workplace Safety 

After Covid-19, the Foton 30 will remain an invaluable piece of equipment. Unlike most laminators, a colleague does not need to spend time loading the laminating pouches or feeding them in one at a time. The Foton 30 uses a unique film roll cartridge and there’s no need to wait for the machine to warm up, either. Simply load your documents, press a button and walk away to continue with other tasks.

At Banner , we also stock a great range of GBC UV resistant laminating pouches and peel n’ stick self-adhesive pouches which are ideal for temporary or long-term signage. Laminated documents have a prolonged lifespan and can be wiped clean to remain pristine with permanently legible text or images. Laminated signs give a professional appearance with amplified depth and richness of the ink for improved colour contrast. This reflects the quality of your brand and business for displays or during meetings.  

Professional lamination can help you communicate safety for the return to the workplace.

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Combined with our high-quality professional laminators and pouches, Banner offers a complete solution for your organisation when workplace signage is of paramount importance.

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