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Why collaborate?

Feb 18, 2019 8:53:15 AM / by Banner


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Collaboration is the route to innovation, growth and happier people, yet not every organisation is embracing it as readily as they could.

In the workplace, collaboration, involves setting up processes that help teams to work together, improve practices, make decisions and innovate. Although the technology to help colleagues collaborate effectively, wherever they are, is here, many companies are still to exploit it.

Research has revealed that while a fifth of UK organisations have some form of collaborative technology in place, only 9% of employees are actively using it to full effect.

Here are six reasons why we should all make collaboration a priority for 2019:


1. Breaking down Barriers
When a company encourages stronger communication and relationships, people are likely to understand the business better, feel more engaged and more respected and to become better team players.

Rather than treating innovation and decision making as the preserve of a few, sharing the process with employees can transform people's experience and attitudes to work.


2. Greater Productivity 

When an organisation builds a collaborative culture that employees want to be a part of, improved productivity will follow. A reputation for collaboration will see people more likely to want to come to work, to recommend the workplace to other potential employees, and staff turnover will go down.


3. Location no obstacle

A collaborative organisation is better placed to grow, whether it's on site or had locations across the globe. Distance is no longer a barrier when companies use effective communication, and equip and empower teams to share knowledge and progress projects more easily.


4. Collective strength 

When people collaborate, they share their individual knowledge, experience and skills for the benefit of the entire team. Good collaboration gives people the chance to contribute their know-how, whether technical, planning or creative, to collectively find a better solution than anyone would have done alone.  


5. Learning

Collaboration benefits individuals as well as organisational development. When people interact and share ideas, they can learn more about how their colleagues think, negotiate and operate. This gives everyone a change to acquire new skills and build their own strengths.


6. Fast Tracking

Issues that could take months to be solved can be dealt with far more rapidly when multiple heads get together. With everyone bringing a different point of view and perspective to the table, the chance of a problem being resolves faster is much more likely.


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