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Why having the right tech to work from home is critical to productivity

Oct 13, 2020 10:00:00 AM / by Banner


Technology typically reaches its best-by date within four years causing devices to work slower, systems to take longer to boot up and applications to crash more often.

Businesses that don’t provide employees with the right equipment and up-to-date tech are likely to be damaging staff morale and reducing productivity.

With many employees now working from home for the foreseeable future, it is more vital than ever that employers invest in the right tools and technology which support collaboration, communication and therefore improve productivity.

A better video conferencing experience

Video and audio conferencing is vital for collaboration and communication between teams working remotely. By 2027, the video collaboration market is set to hit $11.56 billion[1] and the demand for this technology keeps growing. To make the most of this software, employees need tools that can deliver the best user experience to enable them to focus.

A headset with active noise cancellation can help minimise any background noise and distractions for everyone involved in the call, such as doorbells ringing or kids playing in the background. A microphone attached to your headset means you can attend conference calls easily without having to use a loudspeaker. Again, cutting out any unnecessary background noise. This can be particularly beneficial for service agents who are working from home. For managers it can have the added benefit to track and monitor calls. By using analytics and data from end-points such as headsets, managers can measure and track if an agent’s background environment is too loud, if the agent can be heard, who is talking and the length and number of calls.

Additionally, a bluetooth headset means employees do not have to be seated during a call and can get up and move around as part of an active healthier lifestyle.

Dual Screens for multi-tasking efficiency

Various studies have shown that having two monitors can increase productivity by 20% – 50%[2]. It enables employees to multi-task much more efficiently. They can keep their email open on one screen whilst working on another. It provides greater flexibility during a conference call with participants able to use the second screen to look up important files without interrupting the call. Time can also be saved by not needing to switch between windows, which can be particularly useful for data entry tasks.

Improved security and speed

Always provide a company laptop where possible for employees working from home, so you can ensure equipment is up to date with the latest security updates. You can also be confident that employees have a machine with the right specs for their job. This will minimise downtime waiting for software to load. A study found that UK workers lose an average of 46 minutes per day, or 24 days of work time a year using slow technology. [3]

Instant communication with colleagues

One of the biggest problems with working from home is that employees can feel lonely and it can be sometimes difficult to get a fast response. Instant chat tools such as Slack, Google Hangouts Chat and Microsoft Teams Chat can provide direct messaging and file sharing features that means content can be sent and received in real-time. It’s great to get a quick response to a query or just catch up with co-workers after the weekend.

Keep projects on track

Project management tools are critical for coordinating tasks and keeping projects on track. Ideally any online collaboration software should be accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, which will enable better communication and collaboration. Project management tools such as Asana, Trello and are easy to use and work well for monitoring projects and assigning tasks across multiple teams.

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