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On a mission to help our customers make more sustainable choices

May 24, 2021 12:36:39 PM / by Banner

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From supporting organisations as they seek eco-friendlier products, to helping calculate potential reductions in CO² emissions, water and energy use, we know every little step can make a difference to making more sustainable choices.

But we also know achieving sustainability doesn’t always seem easy. In one survey* of 300 companies, only 2% were able to ‘achieve or exceed the sustainability expectations that were set’, and 81% of businesses ‘settled for the dilution of value and mediocre sustainability performance’.

Another 16% were completely failing to deliver on their sustainability goals altogether, and some respondents were found to be producing less than 50% of their expected results.

One easy way to get on the right track and start meeting sustainability targets is by becoming a HP Sustainability Hero.

HP Ink and Toner supplies contain the technology required to meet environmental objectives and put organisations on the road to print sustainability.

HP’s groundbreaking closed-loop recycling initiative recovers plastic from HP ink and toner HP sustainable hero #2cartridges through the HP Planet Partners programme.

In 2018, HP manufactured more than 4.2 billion HP ink and toner cartridges using recycled plastic from 830 million returned HP cartridges, an estimated 101 million clothes hangers, and 4.37 billion post-consumer plastic bottles¹.

More than 80% of HP ink cartridges and 100% of HP LaserJet toner cartridges contain recycled plastics, with HP ink cartridges made partly from recycled plastics collected in Haiti. This helps to divert one million plastic bottles from landfill, or from reaching the ocean, every day.

By operating in Haiti, HP is helping to create sustainable jobs, bringing opportunities to local people and preventing a high quantity of plastics from reaching the Caribbean.

HP supplies recycling is free, with ordered return material completely paid for by HP, and it’s easy, with the resources needed to recycle all available online. It is also responsible, as no original HP cartridges returned through HP Planet Partners are ever sent to landfill.

Be a sustainable print hero

If you would like to become a HP Sustainability Hero, please contact your Banner account manager or call us on 0843 538 3311 (UK) or 1800 905 907 (ROI). 

You can read more about sustainability at HP here and follow HP sustainability on twitter.

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*Survey conducted by Bain & Company



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